All the 2023 winter Love Islanders’ first Instagram posts compared to their most recent

Kai without a beard is a whole different person

With the new social media ban, Islanders haven’t been allowed to have their friends and family run their Instagram accounts while they are in the villa.

With the final right around the corner, it’s likely you’re already following your favourite Islanders and have had a quick stalk through their many Instagram highlights.

But have you taken the time to see what they were like way back before Love Island was even a thought in their minds? Some of the very first Instagram posts from the Islanders are golden and truly shows their authentic selves.


Winter Love Islanders first Instagram photos

via Instagram @lanajenkinss

Lana has just over 100 photos on her Instagram and a lot of her posts are debuting her gorgeous makeup looks. A fair few of her Instagram photos are of her and her friends on amazing holidays and festivals, and they are all odes to her party girl life.

Lana’s first Instagram post dates way back to 2016 when she would have been around 18 years old. Her look has changed drastically but she is still killing it at makeup looks.


Winter Love Islanders first Instagram photos

via Instagram @ronhall__

Ron only has seven photos on his Instagram and his first and most recent picture are only two years apart. Despite this, Ron has had quite the transformation, with his once sporting a more floppy haircut. It’s safe to guess Ron probably had a quick purge of his Instagram before he entered the villa which is quite common for Islanders to do.


Winter Love Islanders first Instagram photos

via Instagram @shaq24s_

Similarly to Ron, Shaq doesn’t have many photos on his Instagram, but his first post does reveal a younger Shaq who looks way different to now. If his Instagram photos are anything to go by, Shaq definitely had a good time at university with parties all the time.


Winter Love Islanders first Instagram photos

via Instagram @talkswithtt_

Tanya already had a pretty impressive Instagram before she entered the villa, with modelling photos to pics debuting stunning outfits. Her earliest photo only dates back to 2022, so there isn’t much of a change.


via Instagram @kaifagan_

Kai only has 30 photos on his Instagram, and it’s just what you’d expect from a PE teacher to be honest. His earliest photo is from back in 2021 and Kai without a beard is a whole new person.


via Instagram @sanamiee

Sanam’s Instagram is just as wholesome as her. Her first Instagram post dates back to 2018, which is likely when she was studying for her undergraduate degree.


via Instagram @tomclare__

Tom is the kind of laidback we all aspire to be and his Instagram just exudes the exact same energy he has in the Love Island villa. Tom has over 100 photos on his Instagram and it truly shows off his glow up over the years.


via Instagram @samieelishi

Samie had an incredibly boujie and exciting life before she entered the Love Island villa, and her Instagram is an ode to that. Samie has just under 100 photos on Instagram and similarly to Tom, she has grown up with her Instagram account.


via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

Jessie has the most photos on her Instagram out of all the Islanders and she has had quite the transformation over the years. Jessie’s Instagram goes all the way back to when she was still in secondary school and the glow up is real. Out of all the winter Love Islanders first Instagram photo, Jessie’s is the one that goes back the most.


via Instagram @farmer_will_

Will is another one of the winter Love Islanders whose first Instagram photo isn’t all that different to their most recent. His earliest photo is from a few years ago but all in all, he’s just swapped out his style.

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