Lancaster students: here are nine last minute Mother’s Day gifts and where you can find them

Here to save you from the last-minute Tesco run x

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, and many Lancaster students will undoubtedly find themselves struggling to find the perfect gift for the mother-figures in their lives. To help you come up with the perfect present, whether you’re planning a visit home or you need something to post, we’ve compiled a list of all of the gift ideas Lancs students need, and where exactly they can find them.

Birth flower gardening set

From gemstones to zodiac signs, there are so many birth month-themed presents that would be perfect for mother’s day – but if your mum is one of many who are determined never to miss an episode of Gardeners World, a birth flower gardening set would be perfect. Available on Not on the High Street and other online stores, sets can include plant pots, seeds and a trowel. Or, you could make the gift set yourself with items found in Lancaster’s shops, or Ashton Hall Gardening Centre.

Activities hamper

In place of a traditional gift basket, why not gift an activities hamper for Mother’s Day? Perfect if you think your Mum should take more time to herself, you could include some puzzles or jigsaws (the Works currently sells £6 and £8 jigsaws), some yarn or crafts materials, a book from Waterstones or even some records with their favourite music if you have a record player at home. To tie the hamper together, a bag of coffee or some tea bags would be perfect to go with the activities.

At-home spa night

If a voucher for a spa day is a bit out of your budget, putting together an at-home spa kit is definitely the way to go. Face and hair masks can usually be found from 99p, and adding some candles, a nice moisturiser and a box of mint tea would complete the perfect home spa night gift. You could even add a CD, or a link to a spotify playlist with some relaxing music.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets or hampers are a classic, but it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly what to put in them. If you’re thinking of filling a gift hamper with sweet treats, you could include some brownies from the Sweet Escape or fudge from the Finest Fudge co in the Alexandra Square market. Brew sells bags of coffee that are perfect for gift baskets, and you could even include some of the fancy biscuits from M&S.

If your Mum enjoys knitting, some yarn from Ethel & Em or Northern Yarn would definitely be appreciated, and the Assembly Rooms Emporium on King Street is a great place to find jewellery or books at a more affordable price.

A set of matching mugs

This was a suggestion given to me recently, and honestly, it makes sense. Over the years, a massive collection of mismatched mugs has probably filled your kitchen cupboards from Mother’s Day, Christmas and birthday presents. Instead of adding another lone mug to the mix, you could take a trip to TXMaxx for a a matching set so that your mum will never have to hunt through the cupboard to find nice, non-chipped mug to make some tea again.

Sweet treats from Brew

Via @bakedbybrew on Instagram

If you need something easy to post back home, Brew is currently selling Mother’s Day treats on their website. From custom cakes to cookie dough boxes, these desserts are available for both delivery and collection.

Memory book

If you’re thinking of making your gift more personal for mother’s day, you could pick up a scrapbook from WHSmith and fill it with your favourite photos and memories from home. This gift is the perfect from a new uni student who is away from their family for the first time.

A vase