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What you’ll miss about Birmingham when visiting other university cities

Because absence makes the heart grow fonder, it’s true

Weekends – the perfect time to escape smelly oak and visit your friends in all their cool university cities. As time creeps on though, your heart will be yearning for that sweet West Midlands city you’re lucky enough to call home. We have a roundup of what you will miss about our beautiful Brum on your travels.

Old Joe

Need I say more? Plus, let’s be honest with ourselves here. What other university can say they house the tallest freestanding clock tower in the world?


Although you can almost guarantee yourself an edgy night out when visiting #edgy Leeds, who needs edgy when you have Snobs. Open since the 197os, the club is still playing some of the sweet tunes of that decade for all you throwback lovers.

Selly Oak

Cambridge may be charming with all of its picturesque colleges and scenic views. Yet, it doesn’t quite boast the imperfect perfection of the streets of Selly. Some may call Selly dodgy, I personally prefer rough around the edges.

The campus

Call me biased, but the UoB campus really is a sight for sore eyes. With a Great Hall designed by the architect behind Buckingham Palace, a hairdresser if your mullet needs some serious TLC and even an opticians, no campus really quite compares to Birmingham’s.

The Bristol Road 

Bristol Road really is the heart and soul of Selly Oak. Fancy a cute dinner with your pals? Cafe 55’s got you covered. Need a coffee to help you get through your weekend study session? Try Hey-Brew. Plus if you’re walking back home after dancing the night away at Fab n Fresh and fancy a bite to eat, fear not, Dixie’s should do the trick.

Your housemates

They may take your cutlery without asking. They may even sneak into your room when you’re not there and go ‘shopping’ in your wardrobe. Despite all of this, there’s nothing better than getting back from your busy weekend away  and debriefing with your uni family.

All good things must come to an end, but not when you’re returning to the beauty that is Birmingham.

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