Men with navy blue sheets are red flags and you should never trust them, here’s why

I can guarantee that boy not texting you back rn is sleeping soundly in his navy sheets

Navy blue bed sheets are ringing alarm bells pointing towards the signs of a useless man. Name me one man with navy sheets who is also mature and fully ready to commit to a relationship – exactly, you can’t.

Most of the male population don’t actually realise the crucial connection between their personality and the type of bed sheets they own. Over the years women have endlessly debated about what things to look out for in men’s bedrooms. For example if they only have one pillow then we run. But now we’re getting our teeth sunk into the proper issue at hand: navy blue bed sheets.

Why do navy blue sheets mean the man is useless?

Think about it for a second. Navy blue sheets are dark, meaning they have less of a need for washing resulting in a lack of general caring and then that all snowballs into a man who doesn’t care about the person he’s dating. Essentially the lack of care about his navy blue sheets means he’s a bad boyfriend.

Boys uni bedroom decor: If you see any of these items in a boys house, leave immediately

Someone on TikTok said: “If he has navy blue sheets then he belongs to the streets.” And it’s so true. Men must lay their navy blue sheets to rest in the fiery depths of hell if they want to secure a mature relationship.

Sure, it might seem like I’m being harsh and you’re probably thinking how can the colour of bed sheets cause so much rage and trauma? It’s because it’s not about the navy blue colour itself – it’s about the implications that come along with it. Boys would die for their navy sheets.

I can guarantee right now that a man who isn’t texting you back is also sleeping soundly in his navy blue sheets not giving a damn about your feelings.

Navy blue tells me you’re still an immature boy

Uni boys are the worst because despite being at the age of men, they’ve got navy blue bedding in their crusty uni rooms. Surrounded by their navy bedding and one flat pillow you’ll find endless pairs of dirty pants on the floor, horrendous wall art, ash trays that have never been washed and empty bottles of Dior Sauvage Elixir that he says aren’t empty because if you tilt them the right way you get a powerful spray.

Please boys, burn your navy blue bed sheets and let women REST.

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