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Here’s the catastrophic Claire and Jesse MAFS Australia cheating scandal fully explained

The carnage is expected to erupt on tonight’s episode

If you think Married at First Sight UK is dramatic, you haven’t seen nothing until MAFS Australia barges into the scene with its dramas and carnage. With this year’s season of MAFS Australia comes some of the most dramatic scandals the franchise has seen yet, and one of them is the cheating scandal that goes down between married couple Claire and Jesse. The episode with the scandal hasn’t aired in the UK yet, but the series has already aired down under and we know how it all went.

This is all expected to come to a head on tonight’s episode in the UK. Spoilers ahead if you don’t want to know yet about what goes down during the MAFS Australia Claire and Jesse cheating scandal…


Claire and Jesse were married from the start of the series, and initially seemed like it would work great. Jesse is a picky fella though with a LOT of icks, and the cracks began to show when Claire began to irritate him with her fondness for starsigns. They operate on completely different frequencies.

Later in the series, Claire began getting closer to another man in the process – Adam. Adam is married to Janelle, but he and Claire apparently got close on a night out between the cast.

On Thursday’s episode of the show that aired in the UK, Jesse accused Claire of having secret phone calls with Adam and getting too close to him on the night out, with Jesse saying “I literally was at a point where I could not control my anger. I’m not happy. Like why the fuck would you do that?”

Claire denied it initially, but in scenes from an upcoming episode Claire and Jesse eventually decide to split and both choose to leave the process. Jesse says this in front of the experts: “Claire cheated on me. I have stretched myself so much. I came into this saying that my fight or flight kicks in real quick and I’m quick to end things early on so I really stretched myself… but this comment really brought back a lot of things that I had been pushing to the side.”

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