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According to AI, this is what future Love Island winners could look like and it’s creepy

Are you scared? I’m really scared

A study has worked out what the future Love Island finalists could look like based on AI and to be expected, it’s quite creepy.

Research by Best Sports Betting California has examined characteristics of over 270 dating show finalists, revealing what future finalists could look like with a little help of Artificial Intelligence.

The study put together the five most popular characteristics of a Love Island contestant, which included their height, hair colour, star sign, hometown and occupation, and it produced what a future Love Island winner could look like.

With the help of AI, the study produced an image of what two Love Island finalists could look like with all the features that previous winners have had. The most successful hair colour was found to be brunettes, with six out of six show finalists having dark hair.

Based on previous Love Island winners, the “most desirable characteristics” have been being a Taurus model from London with brunette hair. The winning height has also been 5ft6, so if you can tick all those boxes, the odds may well and truly be in your favour.

The study also revealed the “most desirable characteristics” of other dating show contestants, including Married at First Sight, Love Is Blind and Too Hot To Handle.

If Love Island isn’t your cup of tea and fancy a different kind of holiday in the sun, Too Hot To Handle may be more your vibe. The most desired characteristics of a Too Hot To Handle finalist is all the same as Love Island, except you’ve got to be one inch taller and a Gemini!

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