The Bristol Tab’s Clubber of The Week

Everyone just looks slightly confused and unhinged this week

Hey what’s up you guys?! Welcome back to another instalment of Clubber of The Week. I hope you’re ready to hunt for yourself, and anyone else you even slightly know, in this week’s glorious selection of pictures.

If you’ve not yet featured in this article, take it as a compliment. Last week was the final week of term but instead of looking ecstatic, everyone just looks slightly confused and unhinged. It truly speaks volumes.

Killa Disco at Lola Lo

I genuinely had no clue that this was a club night at Lola’s but apparently it’s every Thursday so if this image acts as good advertising maybe you should go and check it out xx.

No offence but this disco isn’t looking very killa. What’s getting you down huns?

Pressure at Thekla

Not sure what the need is for those goggles in an indie club. They look like they’re having a significantly negative affect on his night. Maybe someone should lead him to a safe and less disorientating corner. I know for a fact he cannot see anything at all.

Pop Confessional at Thekla

Girly looks like she’s just spawned down on to the bottom deck of Thekla from her space ship. Give her some time to get used to her surroundings guys.

Pop Confessional at Thekla (again)

Someone obviously loved the new album Lana Del Rey released last week. So Lasagne. So coquette.

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