10 things you’ll only get if you’re a member of Uni of York’s Dance Society

The S in UYDS stands for slay, no need to debate

I’ve been a member of the University of York Dance Society since signing up immediately at Freshers’ Fair and I can’t believe my time is nearly up. For those of you who are UYDS leavers, beginners, or wanting to join, here are 10 things you’ll only get if you’re a member of York’s best and most iconic society. Socials, classes, competition teams and showcases, UYDS really is a slay.

UYDS Merch

Society merch is a common thing to relate to, but I rarely see other societies kitted out head to toe in their merch. Walking around town it’s a literally stunning thing to have Dance Society imprinted on your eyeballs from the back of people’s coats or plastered down the side of their leggings. The sheer amount of comp and showcase t-shirts I have in my wardrobe is astonishing, and from wearing them to classes and as pyjamas, best believe I’ll be wearing one picking my child up from school when my UYDS days are long behind me.

Darcey the UYDS mascot piggy

One word: Darcey. If you don’t know, get to know. Follow her Instagram or find her taking selfies with Jason Reilly on a Wednesday Salvos night. Not only is she the dance mascot, she a style icon- shout out to the dance social secs for dressing her according to the social theme each week.

UYDS chants

After comps, showcases, or even during a social on the 66, “UYDS we are UYDS *clap clap*” you already know this chant is echoing in your head at night. The best thing about this chant is that it seems to have become tradition for one person to awkwardly start this chant or be the last one shouting it when others have stopped.

PTSD from dancing to certain songs

The adrenaline rush from everyone cheering each other on at dress runs is a high that can only be beaten by hairspray fumes in the dressing rooms. The supportive atmosphere from the whole society and friends and family at these events is something I’m sure all UYDS members will fondly remember. The post-comp socials are always fun too, especially with the special UYDS cocktails on offer- shout out to the Frostie Forever (obviously the one with the most alcohol in!)

Class videos

The Facebook group page is popping off every day with videos of dance classes and I love them. Even if I didn’t go to that particular class it’s always fun to spot your friends in the class and see how hard they slayed.

Timer photos at the socials

It is safe to say that vanity really does take over each week when the social-secs get their phones out at the social. Clustering together and posed well in advance of the timer even going down we all have endless photos to show the grandkids of our UYDS days. It is also safe to say that I have never seen the social-secs move so fast as when they have seconds to make it into the picture.

Random bruises

I bruise quite easily anyway but sometimes I know exactly where they’ve come from and it’s usually from attempting something new in class or rehearsal. If they aren’t from the Salvos stairs they’re most likely from knee drops, death drops, or any form of floor work. Lyrical and contemporary on the James Hall floor are the usual main suspects for many bruises.

The mad rush for tickets and sign-ups

It surprises me every time the formal tickets are released just how quickly they sell out. I literally mean they are gone within a flash of lightning. The same applies to showcase team sign-ups. This just goes to show how fun these events are and you should definitely put your names down ASAP next time!!

The social’s glitter ball

Now it is quite easy to work out where the Wednesday socials are taking place considering they’re in the same room each week. However, if you are lost, you can probably spot a glitter ball from Youtube on the whiteboard through the blinds/windows.

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