Clubbers of the Week: Trying to Triumph in Week Twelve

Do you think getting concussion would get me an essay extension??

Well, we’ve finally gotten to the final week of the university year. With the last Big Cheese (absolutely devastated), no more 9ams at Kings (not so devastated), we’re bringing the final Clubbers of the Week.

From the staple photos of wankers with sparklers at WhyNot, to Tamagotchi x Taylor, here are the best photos from the week on Cowgate and beyond!

Stunners of the week


The hottest duo I’ve ever seen


The princess dress is EVERYTHING

Walking ads for Oh Polly

Cutest smile

This photo is so so effortless

The crop tops are a NEED

Proving that UO corsets are a staple for all stunners

Coolest girl in Edi

Creepers of the week


The lil monsters are giving a jump scare


Gives us a peace sign if you’re sick of creepers

NGL this creeper needs a spot in the stunner category

Hero of the week


The look of love


Bringing dad core to Big Cheese

The Easter bunny spotted in Cheese

Lots of love

Saxophones are on the IN LIST for April

Praying to the Bouncer Gods to not get kicked out after wiping out on the Dance Floor

Heroine of the week


Bringing back the 2010s flower crowns in the best way possible


Asking for what the people want

Showing off the cheeky post-pleasance gains

Love girls who know how to bingo

WTF moment of the week


Not sure out to feel about this WEEKND cutout


Not sure what is going on here

The real WTF are the queues for Tamagotchi at 9:30pm

Bringing the Aussie outback to Scotland

People who eat food provided by a nightclub scare me

Scratch “you’ve got that James Dean daydream look in your eye”…

Album cover of the week


Looks like something out of Burning Man

Unhappy clubber of the week


When the DJ starts playing a John Mayer song at the Taylorgotchi night


When your friends tell you they saw you getting with the person you promised you were over

Checking your bank balance and realising you can’t afford another Venom

Best of the rest

Point to your fave club photographer

So much love for the Subway bartenders

Big Cheese meets 3023

Cheeky lil selfie

Best doughnut he’s ever tasted

How tf did this friendship group last first year??

Cheeky tongue out to the bouncer before they kick you out

Put your hands up if you’re having fun

A duo of cuties

Photographer Credits:

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Hamza Anwar: Big Cheese

Bourbon: Neil Stewart

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