Clubbers of the Week: Pre-Exam Gold Rush Week

Only shooting stars break the mould…

After an Easter hiatus, Clubbers of the Week is back for one more week. As Edi students return to the city to prepare for exams, many have been skipping the deadlines for a night out on Cowgate. From death drops to gym bros, here are the best bits from this week!

Stunner of the Week


The purple on purple is such a look

Runners up

The most gorgeous duo

The lace corsets are SENSATIONAL

Super cute

So much love!

So so so cute

Creeper of the Week


The one in the middle got the sixth sense that there were creepers right behind them

Runners up

The two creepers behind are giving gym bros a bad rep

When you’re ready to go home but your pal is still busy with the sparklers

Wanker of the Week


“Hey bro, do you lift?”

Runners up

People who flip off the camera <<<

They must’ve not heard the photographer say “smile”

Hero of the Week


The DJs will always be our true heroes

Runners up

Winner of the dance battle

Big Love <3

A very wholesome photo

Traveling in style

Heroine of the Week


I have never looked through Subway’s photos and not seen these two girls in them. Their dedication makes them the ultimate heroines

Runners up

This dress is incredible

Are they taking friendship applications?

Idk if this is bravery or recklessness but they are so slay

Did it really happen if you didn’t get a photo??

So true

WTF Moment of the Week


My two sleep paralysis demons:

Runners up

One too many Venoms??

The two on the far right are Abby Lee Miller vs Kelly Hyland

So silly and goofy, just can’t take him anywhere

Album Cover of the Week


It’s giving the casino scene in Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief

Runners up

Really appreciated WhyNot’s montage of aesthetic photos of gold bottles

Picture perfect

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


When you have to convince your friend that inviting your ex to the club was the BEST idea of the night

Runners up

Checking Snapmaps to see who else is at WhyNot as well

When you realise that the photographer is your ex

When you turn around to see your bestie getting with the person she swore she hated

Best of the Rest

Just one of the boys

When your feet cannot take the high heels anymore

Count the number of fire hazards in this single photo

We found love in a hopeless place

I just know that they are some of the coolest people in Edi

Straight from a work do to Subway

The buccal fat removal stare

Photographer Credits:

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Thomas Miller: Hive

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