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Nominations for Lancaster’s BNOC 2023 are now officially open!

Strap in kids, we’re in for a ride

300 days. 7,200 hours. 432,608 minutes. That’s how long Lancaster students have been waiting with bated breath ever since Lancs Tab announced the official Lancaster University BNOC of 2021/22. Waiting, hoping, dreaming. Wishing that next year will be the year they see their name in lights – every student counting down the seconds and praying to the Lancaster Gods that someone will submit their name. Well, the wait is over, the time has come. Lancaster, it is time to choose your BNOC of the year 2022/23.

For our freshers, or anyone who spent last June living under a rock and clicked on this article thinking “what the heck is a BNOC”, let me lay it out for you. BNOC (or Big Name On Campus) is, quite frankly, the most important event in the Lancaster calendar. Roses doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to the sheer weight that this competition holds. Lancaster students go head-to-head, battling it out for the ultimate title. To be named BNOC of the year is an honour somewhat akin to being coronated the King of England, and it is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

Our previous winner, Laura Eisenhower, stated: “My life has completely changed since becoming the BNOC. I’ve had so many other celebrities wanting to be friends with me. I became so famous the UK government finally gave me a citizenship.”

Our BNOC could be anyone: regardless of whether you’re a member of 17 societies, raised thousands of pounds for a charity, or just can be counted on to be in Fylde bar seven nights a week. All you have to do to qualify for BNOC is be a registered member of the Lancaster University community, and believe you have what it takes to take the title. However, you cannot nominate yourself.

So, if you believe you know the student that is destined to be the official Lancaster BNOC of the year 2022/23, drop their name, Instagram, and the reasoning below. We will be reaching out to nominees soon, so keep an eye on your Instagram message requests. I now declare BNOC of the year 2022/23 officially open!