These five BU moments shouldn’t be embarrassing but they really are

If you relate, I’m so sorry

Giving yourself the ick is a humbling experience. If you haven’t felt it yet at Bournemouth, you will have seen someone else suffer these embarrassing moments. No matter how much you push it down, we’ve all been through it. These embarrassing moments are practically a rite of passage for any Bournemouth student:

1. Harry Potter style fusion doors

Either the person who designed Fusion had a burning disgust for all Bournemouth students or they are genuinely oblivious to the fact that it takes four to five business days for the doors to slide open. Trying to enter Fusion when you are already late for your seminar is up there with one of the most embarrassing situations that can happen to a BU student.

Let me run you through this encounter. You approach the Fusion doors, seminar room in sight, and you’re about to make it with a few sweet seconds to spare. You hope (without reason) that the doors will be gracious and kind, opening promptly (you know, the way doors usually do) so that you and your untimely fashion will make it to class. However, you are left unsurprised when yet again the doors remain stubbornly closed, waiting for you to pronounce some secret password.

What makes this encounter more soul crushing, is of course for the aesthetic of the building, it’s made entirely of glass. Yes, that’s right, you are left running back and forth as if the motion sensor is playing some sort of sick joke on you, while everyone in fusion gets to watch you suffer. When the doors finally give in and let you commence into the building, you have to walk in as if you didn’t nearly get physical with a piece of glass before your 10am.

2. For the love of God, get your bus pass out

If you are going to be prepared for one thing during your time at Bournemouth University, it’s having your bus pass out and ready to go. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had a fluster with the U1 driver trying to find my silly little barcode with its silly little word of the day just so I can get from A to B. It’s even worse on a cold rainy day when you can hear 20 people behind you huffing and puffing in frustration. Also, a little top tip, don’t screenshot the word of the day even if you find it funny. You will be logged out of the app – I learnt that the hard way.

3. Fusion building cosplaying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with its designs

Whose clever idea was it to make those lifts entirely out of glass? We’re all here for pretty buildings and I can’t deny that Fusion looks great on my Instagram story, but when I’ve just rolled out of bed in a scurry to make it to my seminar on time, I certainly do not need everyone in the building seeing my “dragged through a bush” attire. On another note, I don’t want people knowing I’m too lazy to take the stairs as I exit the lift onto the first floor. Not to mention the awkward eye contact with people on the ground floor.

4. The red carpet walk into Poole House

Similar to the lift situation, it’s hard not to despise everyone in the Atrium café. They sit their proudly with their Starbucks, watching every student casually making their way in. We’ve all sat there judging peoples outfits (you pretend you don’t, but you’d be lying), but sitting in the other seat leaves you forgetting how to walk, suddenly self conscious of the creases in your air forces and the fact you’re walking in alone bopping your head to Taylor Swift – as you should though.

5. The awkwardness of the travelators keeps you awake at night

The ASDA travelators are a whole palaver. Not only do these unreliable monsters leave you lugging your shopping up and down with no help, but they also force you into deeply awkward two second interactions with acquaintances. What can you possibly say in that amount of time that doesn’t make you look rude? You can only cringe as you unwittingly play out that cliche movie scene; saying your final goodbyes to a summer flame, who’s moving to other side of the world. Safe to say, the ASDA travelator has kept me up at night, thinking about the painful conversations I’ve had on board.

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