MAFS Australia groom quiz

You’re desperate to know so take this quiz to find out which MAFS Australia groom you’d marry

Please be Duncan, please be Duncan

Viewers have spent months obsessing over the different Married at First Sight Australia grooms, wishing deep down they had applied for the experiment to be matched up with any of them, but mainly Duncan. It’s easy to picture yourself with someone, but even easier when you see their personalities and love languages play out on screen for four days a week. So why not take a quiz to definitively work out which MAFS Australia groom you’d marry?

Whether you think you and Rupert would have undeniable chemistry or you’re an ocean lover like Dan, there is a season 10 groom for you. Find your match in this MAFS Australia groom quiz.

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Take this quiz to find out which MAFS Australia bride you really are

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