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Evelyn admits she has ‘no idea’ why she was matched with Rupert on MAFS Australia

‘He’s not exactly what I asked for’

Evelyn Ellis has admitted she still doesn’t know why she was matched with Rupert on Married at First Sight Australia. Evelyn entered the experiment as an intruder bride alongside Rupert Bugden and although they made it to the MAFS Australia 2023 final vows, the couple decided not to continue their relationship.

Rupert explained it was his communication with Evelyn on MAFS Australia 2023 that saw the relationship end. “It was just one of those things,” he said. “Evelyn sometimes gets a little bit angry, and I’m just more chilled and a bit blasé.”

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Speaking with Yahoo Australia about her match with Rupert, Evelyn said: “I walked in with an open mind, super optimistic, and I pretty much asked for someone a bit different to Rupert.”

“I kind of worked that out day one at the wedding where I was like, ‘Okay, he’s not exactly what I asked for.’ But everything I do in life I try to keep an open mind and open heart so I was like, let’s just try to see through this and try to work past it.”

The bride went on to admit she is still unsure as to why she was matched with Rupert. “I don’t know why they matched us,” she said.

via Nine Network Australia

“I never asked and to this day I don’t know why they paired me up with Rupert.” Despite this, Evelyn and Rupert did make it to the final vows on MAFS Australia 2023, which she puts down to them being “easy going people”.

“I think there’s no perfect relationship, but I think there are three things you can’t look past which are politics, sex and religion,” she said. “Rupert and I didn’t have those hard-hitting problems. I think our core as people, being two silly people that had a great sense of humour that took life lightly, that was our strongest aspects of personality traits that we concentrated on.”

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