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Janelle Adam MAFS Australia 2023

Janelle says she ‘can’t believe’ the experts matched her with Adam on MAFS Australia

Neither can we!

Janelle and Adam didn’t have an easy ride on Married at First Sight Australia and after he cheated on her with another bride during the experiment, Janelle realised Adam was not the one for her.

During the show, Adam kissed fellow bride Claire and the pair continued to lie about it for weeks until admitting to their partners what they had done.

Speaking with Yahoo Australia, Janelle said she “definitely” doesn’t think she and Adam were a good match on MAFS Australia 2023.

Janelle Adam MAFS Australia 2023

via Nine Network Australia

“I definitely don’t think we were a match. He got invited to the experiment quite last minute from what he had told me, so I like to think that I was supposed to be matched with someone else and they pulled out,” she admitted.

“The only thing that I figured out that was similar was that I had asked for an extrovert, but I feel like most people that go into the experiment are extroverts.”

When Janelle found out Adam had been unfaithful to her during the MAFS Australia 2023 experiment, she questioned why they were ever matched in the first place.

via Nine Network Australia

Recalling a moment that didn’t make it into the episode, Janelle said: “I remember when the cheating scandal came out, I got really drink. Like, I don’t cry, but then I f***ing cried.

“I was laughing and crying and every producer came into my room and was like, ‘Janelle, are you okay? We don’t know whether to laugh or cry with you.’ And I’m like, ‘Do both’. I remember saying, ‘I can’t believe the experts thought Adam was my match!’. Literally, it was so funny.”

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