What Exeter University degree you should’ve done, based on your study snack of choice

In case you were looking for yet another excuse to do a panic Masters…

I’ll admit there is something slightly unhealthy about taking a quiz to find out what degree you should’ve done when you’ve already started one, but there’s also something unhealthy about Pringles and the sports science lot can’t seem to get enough of them! So on that delightful note, I suggest you grab your study snack of choice and prepare for yet another identity crisis – third time this week?

Chocolate – History, Geography, Classics, it’s go time

Chocolate is the perfect snack to comfort eat, no matter the time or place, so it’s practically made for History and Geography students.

Tangfastic Haribos – Drama

This colourful, zingy snack has drama written all over it, especially if you’re the kind of person who deliberately picks out the dummy-shaped ones. Anything to get you into character – I know you have a crying scene coming up next.

Pretzels – Maths, Comp sci, Engineering, you’re up

As an English student through and through, I can’t think of a degree more twisted than Maths, so you lot are getting pretzels. It could be much worse, after all… you could be doing Computer Science.

Glass of wine – English / Law / Philosophy

Nothing eases up writer’s block faster than a good old glass of £6 sauvignon blanc from prem. It’s a tried and tested method; that essay will be done in no time. Cheers to that!


Redbull – Medicine

I don’t think this needs any explanation. You’re both crazy.

Chewing gum – Sciences (Biochem, biography, chemistry, physics, natural sciences, I’m looking at you)

Sciences just give off a minty vibe, or maybe it’s those white lab coats. I feel like nothing would keep you company better while writing up a lab report than some minty Extra chewing gum – the share pack, of course, you guys are kings of group study sessions.

Some exotic foreign delicacy – Languages

This one is predictable, but also reliable. Language students are masters of two things: language and stress. Best believe they’re going to be hitting the takeaways (Pizza is Italian, you know), they’ve got an oral in two days – and it’s not the fun kind.

Pringles – Sports science

A rogue one, but I stand by it. Pringles are a snack beloved by all, and so are sports science students, it seems. I get that you guys work out as part of your degree, but damn, leave some gym-baes for the rest of us.

Coffee – Psychology

You’ve spent 20 minutes reading about depression, and now you think a call to Wellbeing might be in order. You either study psychology or you haven’t had your morning coffee yet, and either way I’m right.

Protein shake – Business

I know you all thought that the protein shake was going to the Sports science lot, but it’s a lie. The gym bunnies and gym bros are all busy (doing nothing) in Business. I’m going to be honest, I don’t know what you need all that energy for, you’re probably not going to go to that lecture anyway.

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