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A meme about Duncan from MAFS Australia

You’re obsessed with him, so enjoy these 15 memes about MAFS Australia’s Duncan

I’m glad we’re all in the same boat when it comes to Duncan x

Duncan has become a favourite amongst Married at First Sight Australia viewers for quite simply, being Duncan. A lot of viewers sympathised with him during this issues with Alyssa and quietly prayed for a man like him to turn up on their doorstep. Despite Duncan’s time on the show well and truly over, everybody is still obsessing over him, wishing him nothing but the best, and is secretly jealous of his new life with Queen Evelyn.

If you’re still not convinced how many people are hoping this man thrives or are simply hoping that everyone is thinking the same thing as you, enjoy these 15 memes about MAFS Australia groom Duncan.

1. Loool so true

2. I don’t think I could ever reach his levels of patience

3. Duncan is a king!

4. Yikes!

5. He is everything I want in a man x

6. My heart breaks

7. You do you, boo!

8. Loool too true

9. It’s what he deserves!

10. It could work!

11. Stun!

12. E4 knows what’s up x


14. And more!

15. Awkward…

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