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Ines from MAFS Australia who has had surgery

‘I think I’m addicted’: MAFS Australia stars reveal all the cosmetic surgery they’ve had done

Jessika Power has spent over $60,000 on surgery

A number of cast members who have appeared on Married at First Sight Australia over the years have spoken openly about the cosmetic procedures they have had done since appearing on the show, allowing themselves to be more transparent with their followers.

A lot of the cast look completely different to how they looked on the show, with a lot of them having candid conversations about what specific procedures they had done and why.

Jessika Power

Jessika Power was on season six of MAFS Australia and she rose to fame off the back of it. Since appearing on the experiment she has starred on Big Brother and Celebs Go Dating in the UK. In 2021, Jessika admitted she thought she was addicted to plastic surgery after spending more than $60,000 on different procedures.

In 2020, Jessika shared a transformation Thursday post on her Instagram and listed all the different work she had done, including cheek filler, Botox injections in her jaw and forehead and lip injections.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Jessika spent an estimated $60,400 over an 18 month period. “I used to do beauty editorial photoshoots, and photographers always said one lip was smaller,” she said.

“I did not want to conform to the whole modelling thing but I started noticing it more, the more it was brought up. I had it [lip filler] done and they completely botched the procedure. Being young I thought it would get fixed if I had more filler in it.”

This led to Jessika having her lips dissolved and has since had them re-injected twice, which is said to cost $800 each time.

Jessika has also had a breast augmentation, which she had done after being suggesting to do it by her surgeon. “My doctor said he could take it out [thigh fat] and put it in my breasts to make them fuller,” she explained, revealing it cost her $13,500.

Cathy Evans

Since appearing on MAFS Australia in 2021, Cathy underwent a full body transformation that cost her just under $30,000. Cathy has openly documented her journey with her fans, admitting the recovery from her surgery was challenging.

Cathy had vaser liposuction and received a “mini Brazilian butt lift” last year. “Those you said, ‘It’s not that bad’, ‘it’s a piece of cake’, was lying through their teeth,” she said in a video posted to her Instagram.

In a YouTube video, Cathy candidly explained what she wanted. “People are saying, ‘Why aren’t you just going to the gym?’ And I do go to the gym. What I am after is not found at the gym. This shaped, sculpted body by a surgeon or doctor is not found at the gym,” she said.

Prior to appearing on MAFS Australia, Cathy had already undergone a number of cosmetic procedures. She told 9Entertainment at the time she had a breast augmentation, lip filler and some Botox.

“The reason why I got my breasts done. I was really self-conscious of my body and this was before I found self-love for myself,” she explained.

“I thought, ‘I’m so deserving of everything that I want, and I’m going to go out and get it.’ Why not just go and get what you want done if it’s going to make you feel better? Who cares what anyone else thinks?”

Ines Basic

Since finding fame on season six of MAFS Australia, Ines Basic has revealed to her followers what cosmetic procedures she has had done. In an Instagram story, Ines said: “I got more lip filler and it looks great. I got half a mL today so there.”

Ines also opened up to her followers that she has had Botox, dermal fillers, porcelain veneers and lasers. The MAFS Australia bride has squashed the rumours she had undergone any plastic surgery.

“So false! No plastic surgery. Should put that in bold for whoever keeps saying I’ve spent over 40k on my head,” she said in an Instagram story.

Sarah Roza

In 2021, season five MAFS Australia star Sarah Roza revealed her surgery transformation after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. She told she showed her before and after photos to be “transparent” with her followers about how she achieved her body.

“We all have insecurities about our bodies so it was really important for me to show my before pictures,” she said, continuing: “I didn’t want there to be a false narrative of how I’ve achieved my incredible results.”

Hayley Vernon

via Nine Network Australia

After appearing on MAFS Australia, Hayley underwent a rhinoplasty procedure, a surgery done on her nose. The former TV bride was overjoyed with her results as she shared her new look on Instagram.

She said: “Is that not the cutest little nose you ever did see? I’m in love! I could not be happier. It’s so cute on every angle. I love it. This isn’t even the finished version. It’s going to go down by around 20 to 30 per cent in the next month, and then continue to go down over the next year. So this is a big fat version of the final product.”

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