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MAFS Australia stars Michael and Martha

Michael actually dated Martha’s friend before they were matched on MAFS Australia

I can’t believe this

Michael Brunelli has revealed that he and Martha briefly crossed paths before they were matched and appeared on Married at First Sight Australia together.

Michael and Martha are one of the very few couples who have stayed together following being matched on MAFS Australia but the marital experiment wasn’t the first time they knew of each other.

Speaking on The Handbags podcast, Michael revealed how he had a sneaky link to Martha way before they even appeared on the show as he had been on a date with Martha’s close friend.

“Prior to meeting Martha, I was obviously on the dating apps and I had gone on a date with a girl – I think we kissed, that was it,” he began.

“One date, finished. I probably did drunk text her after that, wanting to see her again. Now, this woman turned out to be Martha’s friend.”

Michael said when they were filming the wedding, her friend was one of Martha’s bridesmaids. “It kind of threw me off,” he said.

Michael and Martha getting married on MAFS Australia

via Nine Network Australia

“We acted like we didn’t know each other, and that night in bed – my first night ever with Martha – I was going through my Instagram, and she goes, ‘That photo. I recognise that photo.’ It was my Tinder profile that her friend had showed her!”

Thankfully Martha found the whole situation amusing and wasn’t phased by it at all. He continued: “Martha said that when I was drunk texting her friend, she was sitting there and they were laughing at me and writing the responses together.

“Martha even said that some of the responses were her!”

It seems to have all worked out in the end as MAFS Australia couple Martha and Michael are now engaged and recently welcomed a child together.

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