The 10 different kinds of students you’ll find in York Library during exam season

If you’re number four, I’m so sorry x

It’s official, exam season sucks. Summer can’t come soon enough. But while we are still having to do work, I’ll bet we’re all spending a decent chunk of time in the library. I’m sure you will have seen some of these people around, but here is a definitive guide to all the different types of students you’ll find in the York Uni library during exam season:

1. The one that’s always on their phone

Whether it’s doing today’s Wordle (do people still do that?) or mindlessly scrolling through TikTok, you’re bound to find lots of these people around. There’s nothing wrong with a little break from doing actual uni work, and I do find that sometimes my little phone breaks can accidentally last quite a while, but some people seem to come to the library for the sole purpose of sitting on their phone and taking up a valuable seat in the Morrell.

Sometimes their laptop will be in front of them, closed, for hours on end. I can’t be too critical, though, as I myself have most definitely been known to do this (so if you see me on my phone, shh).

2. The one who’s only here to socialise

I’m all for going to the library with friends – sometimes you just need some moral support or someone to chat with during your breaks. However, coming to the library primarily to socialise with your friends is a questionable choice, especially if you’re all just sat chatting, not even attempting to do any work whatsoever. I just think that there are so many other places you could go that are far more suited to socialising, and surely you’d have a nicer time literally anywhere else? Personally, I don’t come to the library by choice, I come here when I have looming deadlines, and even then it’s usually a last-minute panic.

P.S. This is only acceptable in Fairhurst. If you’re socialising in Morrell, you suck – I’m only here because I’m about to have a breakdown and need to somehow write an entire essay in like 2o minutes.

3. The one who has questionable food choices

I’m not gonna lie to you, library snacks can make or break my library experience. I rely on having a good range of food to keep me going and prevent me from progressing to number four on this list. The library café does also do banging pizza. And these things do get me through my stressful studying sessions. However, your choice of food for the library needs to be a respectful one, so please think before you snack. Here is an official guide to foods that are absolutely not ok to scran in Morrel, Fairhurst or Burton.

4. The crying one

Look, I feel you. Whether it’s a full-blown menty b or simply just on the verge of tears, uni work can be really difficult. I know I’ve cried from a mixture of stress and frustration over a few (hundred) uni assignments, so you’re not alone. If I see you crying in the library, there’s no judgement from me, I swear.

5. The one who’s only watching Netflix

Again, I get that a break from work is needed sometimes, but if all you’re doing in the library is watching Netflix, why are you there? Personally, I would much rather watch TV from the comfort of my sofa or my bed, so I simply cannot understand anyone who would rather sit in an uncomfortable library chair.

6. The ill one

Coughing, sneezing, or sniffling, they most definitely shouldn’t be here. Not only are the noises kind of annoying, but I can’t be getting ill days before my exams. Of course, I have sympathy, but just get an extension on your assignment, go home and go to bed. You need it.

7. The one who falls asleep

Headphones on, eyes shut. To be completely honest, I have the utmost respect for anyone who is able to sleep in the library, and I am so sorry that you’re so exhausted that it comes to this. My solution to library tiredness is usually an entire litre of coffee from Nisa (healthy, I know), but if you’re napping in the library, good for you. It’s an impressive life skill that I wish I had.

8. The loud typer

Not only is this sound driving me slowly insane, but I cannot think of anything less stressful than staring at an empty Google Doc whilst everyone around you is typing away, completely focused and actually knowing what they are writing about. I have nothing in my brain other than the clacking of keyboard keys. I cannot start this essay. I’m about to be number four again.

9. The one who’s got their life together

This student always looks 110 per cent awake, with hair in a claw clip, a pretty water bottle, iced coffee, weekly planner out, coloured highlighters and fancy pens at the ready. She either chooses to study in a cute cafe or nabs the best seats at King’s Manor Library at the crack of dawn. She literally stepped out of a Pinterest board. I wish I was like you.

10. The one who’s actually working

Okay, good for you, making the rest of us look bad. (I’m joking, I’m actually very impressed and have the utmost respect x).

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