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Love Islanders coronation

All the Love Islanders who you didn’t realise are massive fans of the Royal Family

Tasha and Andrew actually met King Charles and Camilla!

This past weekend has been all about the Royal Family and Charles officially becoming King. Everyone spent their coronation weekend differently, from obsessing over the mysterious Grim Reaper to street parties and getting drunk like nobody’s watching.

Some even spent their weekend on Twitter feeling sorry for the King for not having his parents there on his big day and was met with some serious backlash. Former Islander Amy Hart posted a genuine heartfelt tweet about Charles only being human and it being sad both the late Queen and Prince Philip weren’t there, despite that being the only reason he could reach such a status.

This was likely an incredibly innocent tweet from the Islander and across the weekend she was tweeting all about the coronation, proving herself to be a fan of the royals and she isn’t the only Islander who is. A number of Love Islanders have shown themselves to be big fans of the Royal Family over the weekend, so here is a look into how they celebrated Charles’ big promotion.

Jessie and Will

via Instagram @jessiereneewynter

Our favourite couple, Jessie and Will are two Love Islanders who had a huge coronation bash over the weekend. The season nine Islanders had a coronation lunch with decorations all about Charles.


Season five Islander Molly-Mae posted a photo of her watching the coronation from her stunning home in Manchester.

Tasha and Andrew

Last year’s star couple Tasha and Andrew were the only set of Love Islanders who attended the King’s concert and coronation reception. Tasha was sent a grand invitation to the reception at Windsor Castle as a Coronation Champions Ambassador.

In an Instagram story, Tasha wrote: “What a moment. I’m so proud to be a Coronation Champions Ambassador hence why I’ve had the pleasure to be here today. We had such the honour to meet the king and queen. Little me would’ve thought this would have never happened and feeling so grateful to represent the deaf community.”

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