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All the former Married at First Sight brides and grooms this year’s cast knew before the show

Adam knows a former MAFS UK groom!

When a reality TV show has been on for a long time, it’ll come as no surprise when a new cohort of cast members are already friends with old ones. It happens like clockwork, and for this year’s Married at First Sight Australia cast, a number of them are already familiar with the territory.

With some of the 2023 cast getting advice from previous brides to cross country grooms being pals, here is a look into which Married at First Sight brides and grooms already knew each other.

Adam and Joshua – MAFS Australia and UK

MAFS Australia 2023 groom Adam Seed and MAFS UK 2021’s Joshua Christie begin this web from way back in 2021. In October 2021, Adam posted a photo of him and Josh out in London. “Summer vibes”, he captioned the post and tagged Joshua and E4’s MAFS Instagram page.

It is unclear how the pair know each other, but given Adam has lived in London for the past six years and has been on a string of reality TV shows over the years, it makes sense the pair have crossed paths. Joshua hasn’t posted photos with Adam so it’s unclear how close the former MAFS grooms really are.

Joshua appeared on MAFS UK in 2021 and was matched with Amy Christophers. The couple didn’t work out after a series of arguments and Amy even claimed Joshua ghosted her after the experiment stopped filming.

Olivia and an anonymous bride – MAFS Australia

Season nine bride Olivia Frazer revealed a bride from this year’s season reached out to her ahead of the show airing. Speaking to Yahoo, Olivia said: “One of the brides has reached out, and she seems really lovely. She just said, ‘I cried the whole time during filming’. And I was like, ‘Yep, okay. That sounds about right’.”


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Janelle and Domenica – MAFS Australia season nine and 10

Domenica Calarco, who appeared on MAFS Australia season nine, revealed to Yahoo she knew Janelle through the beauty industry before her appearance on season 10. Domenica said: “I knew Janelle through the beauty influencer world, so I’d met her at a few MAC events and that kind of thing.”


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Domenica and Melissa – MAFS Australia season nine and 10

Janelle isn’t the only season 10 bride Domenica knew before the show aired. Domenica revealed Melissa had reached out to her and they spoke with one another on the phone.

“Melissa reached out. I’ve spoken to her on the phone,” she explained. “I do actually have a lot of sympathy for her, she was quite goaded by the producers to make it about sex… I think Melissa definitely got provoked and I’ve been speaking to Tahnee and Janelle and they’re beautiful and brilliant.”

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