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MAFS Australia Dan Evelyn

MAFS Australia bride Evelyn rips Dan into absolute shreds live on radio

‘If that butt dial didn’t happen she would’ve caught more feelings’

Married at First Sight Australia bride Evelyn Ellis and groom Dan Hunjas had a huge argument live on radio about the butt dial scandal that unravelled during the experiment and neither one of them was backing down.

Evelyn appeared on the Kyle & Jackie O show and was having none of Dan’s excuses for his behaviour on MAFS Australia. During the show, Dan and Sandy left the experiment after it came to light he was showing the boys photos of his ex-girlfriend, and saying how more attracted he was to his ex than Sandy.

While Evelyn was on the radio show, Dan was called in and they hashed out their beef once and for all. “If the butt dial didn’t happen, you would’ve got to the end, she would’ve caught more feelings and then you would’ve dropped her,” Evelyn snapped at Dan.

MAFS Australia groom Dan responded to Evelyn: “If boys can’t go out and have a chat about what’s going on and how we’re feeling. These stories are just ridiculous and they’re getting out of hand.” It didn’t seem like he had all that much of a leg to stand on when Evelyn asked him why he chose to sleep with Sandy during the experiment if he didn’t feel strongly for her.


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Elsewhere during the argument, Evelyn called Dan a “piece of sh*t” while he insisted the whole butt dial scandal has been “blown out of proportion”, maintaining that the butt dial never happened.

“I said, ‘What time did this apparent butt-dial happen?’ And she goes, ‘It was after eight o’clock,'”, Dan said, claiming he had left the group by that point.

“Absolutely there were things that were said, but the way that Evelyn had described it and blew It all up out of proportion was absolutely not [what] happened.”

MAFS Australia bride Evelyn has been sticking to her guns and has been ignoring Dan at events over in Australia. At the Royal Easter Show last month Evelyn strolled right past Dan towards former groom Al Perkins as he tried to say hello to her.

Dan even said he was surprised by Evelyn’s cold shoulder. “I love Evelyn so I don’t know what all the drama is about, but when the cameras are on it switches to a bit of hate,” he said.

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