Claire, Cameron and Bronte's MAFS Australia final Instagram posts

Here are all the MAFS Australia cast’s final Instagram posts about the experiment

Duncan said he and Alyssa ‘deserve to be happy’

The final reunion episode of Married at First Sight Australia is set to air in the UK, rounding up a truly chaotic two months. The cast have been unable to properly post on their social media accounts while the season plays out in the UK but they posted what they could and had their say following the shocking reunion.

With season 10 swiftly coming to an end and the drama slowly but surely dying down, here’s what the cast had to say about their reunion through their Instagram posts.


In one of Lyndall’s first posts after the reunion, she made she was the one winning. In a stunning selfie, she wrote: “Cry about it, look hot and move on”. A life motto!


In Janelle final MAFS Australia Instagram post, she shared a selfie in a truly stunning makeup look and in the caption she reflected on her time in the experiment.

She wrote: “When I reflect on my MAFS journey, I’m filled with a multitude of emotions. Emotions aren’t exactly my strong suit, so this is difficult for me to articulate. I knew walking into this experiment, there was a possibility of not falling in love. However I also knew that if I didn’t… at least I’d learn something about myself. Now, I can confidently say that I have.”


In a truly wholesome post after the reunion, Ollie just made it clear why he and Tahnee are the best couple to go on MAFS Australia. Under a photo of him and Tahnee, he wrote: “I have been so lucky on this experiment man. Thanks for coming on the journey with us.”


Bronte has always been iconic, much like her sister. In her post after the experiment, she wrote: “The only thing getting me through this is knowing I’ll be on a plane to Perth tomorrow, 3,981.8 km away from you my dude.”


Tahnee shared a similar sentiment before her Instagram feed went back to normal and honestly just reading it will make you tear up.

She wrote: “Wow what a journey! I feel so proud to be sitting up on this couch with Ollie. I’m beyond thankful that we were matched together and I seriously couldn’t ask for a better partner. We have always put in the work and I can’t wait to see what the future has planned for us. Watch this space.”


Everybody was rooting for Sandy when she left the experiment and that hasn’t stopped. After the reunion, similarly to Janelle, Sandy reflected about her time on the experiment and said she felt she “finally” had her power back.

Under the post, she wrote: “When leaving the experiment, I had forgiven Dan for the way he had made me feel. We were not a good match, that is very clear to me now. The right person for me will be open-minded, caring, and compassionate. They will be someone who gives me space to voice my opinion and flourish…not tear me down and make me doubt myself and my feelings.”


In Claire’s Instagram post, she owned up to some of her mistakes and honestly, that’s growth. “It was hard looking back at some of my behaviour,” she began.

“Sometimes people make mistakes and we don’t always act with integrity but I am so damn proud of myself for being honest. I’m proud of the strong, empathetic, compassionate and kind woman I am and I wouldn’t change a single thing that I went through during this experiment.”


In Dan’s final MAFS post, he apologised to Sandy and for how he behaved on the experiment. He wrote: “I am sorry for the way I showed up at times. In the end I was frustrated and exhausted and allowed my ego to take over and express myself in ways that were regrettable. And in the process, hurt and disrespected Sandy. I ended up treating the experiment the same way I thought it treated our match… Like a joke. I have to own that.”


Melinda said she didn’t think she and Layton would be where they are now had they not had the help from the experts on met on the outside and that’s why they are the one of the best couples to come from this show. Gratitude and looking great doing it.


Duncan put it quite simply in his last MAFS Australia Instagram post. “We both deserve to be happy,” he wrote. Truth!


Alyssa coined her iconic phrase one last time in her final MAFS Australia Instagram post.


Cameron dedicated his final Instagram post about MAFS Australia to the friends he made along the way. He thanked Dan, Harrison and Josh for all their “pub sessions”, Jesse for being “an absolute legend” and Layton for his iconic facial expressions”.

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