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MAFS Australia Claire Bronte

Bronte reveals she fell out with Claire after she made ‘really hurtful’ comments on a podcast

‘I wasn’t aware we weren’t friends up until listening to that’

Married at First Sight Australia’s Bronte has said she is no longer friends with her co-star Claire after the controversial bride said she didn’t “fully” trust Bronte. Bronte and Claire were fairly close on the show but after a shady comment from Claire, their friendship has since broken down.

Speaking to So Dramatic! Bronte said she learned of some “hurtful things” Claire said about her on a podcast after the show stopped filming.

“I trusted her and she trusted me,” she said. “She’s entitled to her opinion, but the most hurtful thing for me, I guess, when it does come to this whole me and Claire thing, I don’t want to speak a bad word about her. I wasn’t aware that we weren’t friends up until listening to that.”

via Nine Network Australia

In an episode of Where’s Your Head At? MAFS Australia bride Claire said she was having a “battle” about being friends with Bronte after watching back the show.

“During MAFS, I connected with Bronte a lot,” the former bride said. “She’s strong, she’s sassy, she’s funny, we get along. I struggle because I know Bronte is not a stupid girl, I know that she’s smart. Watching [the show], you are either fake as sh*t, or you are either dumb as sh*t. Which one?

“And that is the battle that I’m having because I love her and I want to be friends with her. But watching that, I’m just like, ‘How can I stay true to my values and my morals… How can I be friends with somebody I may not necessarily fully trust?'”

MAFS Australia bride Bronte claims she found out Claire had an issue with her through the podcast, saying she thought they were “closer” and that she is “really hurt by the things that were said”.

Bronte went on to say she reached out to Claire about the podcast comments but she has not received a response.

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