MAFS Australia reunion Harrison Bronte

Bronte says all she and Harrison did during the MAFS reunion was ‘bicker back and forth’

She reckons this is why they were cut from the final episode

Viewers were disappointed with the Married at First Sight Australia reunion after they noticed a number of cast members were not featured in the final episode. Josh and Melissa and Bronte and Harrison were notably missing and Bronte has since revealed what went down between her and Harrison during the reunion.

Speaking to So Dramatic! Bronte said she and Harrison were “bickering back and forth” during the final couch session on the MAFS Australia reunion, claiming there “was probably not much” producers could use.

“We got on the couch [and] we sat on opposite ends of the couch,” she explained. “He goes, ‘This is not even further enough to how I want to be far away from her’. We were just bickering back and forth. It was pointless.”

When questioned by the experts during the MAFS Australia reunion about their failed relationship, Bronte claims Harrison said he wasn’t the issue. This is a complete contrast to what Harrison said about their couch session. He previously told Daily Mail Australia Bronte apparently said: “I was naive, I came in with rose coloured glasses on,” to which Harrison replied: “That’s a cop out, just own your behaviour Bronte.” He went on to claim Bronte called him a narcissist and he just laughed it off.

Bronte went on to say the former couple were played back the moments from their time on the experiment and it told a very different story. “Basically it was Harrison gaslighting me, shutting me down, me storming out, me crying, nothing good,” she said. Harrison still insists the clips are accurate to what went down between the two.

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