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MAFS Australia Lyndall Cameron final vows

Cameron reveals what he planned to say to Lyndall at their final vows on MAFS Australia

‘I felt that instant spark from day one and I was very intrigued to find out more’

Cameron and Lyndall’s final vows were one of the most explosive on this year’s Married at First Sight Australia, especially given Cam pulled a Brent and threw his cards on the floor and walked away.

Viewers were not given the chance to see what MAFS Australia groom Cameron had to say to Lyndall at their final vows before he stormed away but he has since revealed what he had wrote down on his card.

During an appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Cameron read out what he had planned to say to Lyndall at the MAFS Australia final vows and it is unexpected to say the least.

“Never did I ever think in my wildest dreams to marry a stranger in my quest to find love,” he began.

“From the moment I laid eyes on your there was an instant connection. You had the warmest of smiles on your face walking down the aisle and I quickly learnt that you love life just as much as I do. I felt that instant spark from day one and I was very intrigued to find out more. Did the experts get it right?”

via Nine Network Australia

He went on to say the more he learned about Lyndall, the more he grew to respect her. “You’re kind, empathetic and have a very genuine heart. You always bring a positive vibe to every room. I really like that you give anything a go,” he said.

Despite it all being incredibly lovey dovey, Cameron said he didn’t see a future. While the distance between them was a major roadblock in their relationship, the former groom said Lyndall’s tendency to “air out dirty laundry in a public environment” really “pushed his buttons”.

“Throughout this experiment, you have needed more affection, reassurance and emotion from me. I’ve taken the time to reflect on why I haven’t been able to give you these things. I think these things flow naturally when you’re falling in love which I’m not,” he admitted.

He ended his vows by saying: “Lyndall I truly appreciate what you’ve taught me about myself, and what I’ve learnt throughout this experiment. Now I know what I want in a life partner.”

For what it’s worth, I’m glad Lyndall went first!


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