All the unaired scenes viewers didn’t see on MAFS Australia 2023, according to the cast

I can’t believe we missed all these juicy moments!

Like a lot of reality TV shows, there is only so much that makes it to the final cut of each episode. It is to be expected a show like Married at First Sight Australia is heavily edited given it follows around each couple for onwards of 12 hours a day and then needs to be made into an hour episode.

There is one group of people who have not forgotten everything that went down and that is the cast themselves. A number of them have spoken out about scenes of theirs that had been cut from the TV show that would have provided a whole lot of context for viewers.

So, here are all the scenes that apparently never made it on the TV, according to the cast who experienced it all.

Janelle and Adam had an argument during the reunion that went unaired

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Janelle recently revealed she had Adam had a big argument during the reunion episode that viewers did not get to see. She explained Adam had tried to talk about what went down between them but became defensive when Janelle asked for an apology.

The couple didn’t have an easy ride on the show after Adam cheated on Janelle by kissing Claire on a night out. To top it off, Adam had sex with Janelle that same night and did not mention what he had done.

Speaking to Yahoo, Janelle said: “There was definitely a moment at the reunion where Adam tried to apologised to me. On paper, it was a good apology, but I didn’t want to forgive someone if they weren’t apologetic for the right thing. So when I tried to clarify his apology, it just came back with the same defensiveness and a whole new layer of excuses.”

Janelle admitted she wants to forgive Adam, “but it’s hard to forgive someone when they don’t take accountability.”

Jesse told the camera he didn’t want to speak to Claire at the reunion but it was never shown

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Viewers were given a glimmer of hope when it seemed Claire and Jesse were going to rekindle their romance but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Jesse had told producers he wasn’t planning on speaking to Claire at all but that isn’t how it was shown on TV.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Jesse wrote: “Allow me to clarify. Almost everything I say about Claire that night has been craftily edited to appear that there’s still a chance for us.

“I actually spent the entire drive to the reunion talking about how I wasn’t keen on seeing Claire or Adam and how I wanted to mostly be by myself that night. What you saw was Claire and I simply being polite, friendly and kind to each other. No need for a fight.”

Bronte and Harrison had their whole couch session cut at reunion

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Bronte and Harrison had their couch session cut scenes during the final MAFS Australia reunion episode and they both have differing opinions as to why they didn’t make the final edit.

Harrison has claimed the reason for their part of the show being cut short was down to the network not wanting to give them “any more airtime”.

“I think that combining the leaked messages, the lack of evidence and the fact the network doesn’t want to give this any more airtime is the reason they axed our couch session,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

However, Bronte reckons their couch session scenes were cut short on MAFS Australia was because they constantly bickered.

“We got on the couch [and] we sat on opposite ends of the couch,” she explained. “He goes, ‘This is not even further enough to how I want to be far away from her’. We were just bickering back and forth. It was pointless.”

A MAFS insider claimed to Yahoo Lifestyle Harrison and Bronte were cut from the MAFS Australia reunion because producers “wanted to try and give the season a somewhat happy ending”.

They continued to say: “Harrison and Bronte’s relationship dominated the season, with every aspect discussed in-depth every week. The only fresh revelation was Harrison’s screenshots of Bronte talking to his ex -but the way that played out at the dinner party, with everyone mocking him, was so organic and hilarious that it was the perfect end to their storyline.”

Melissa and Josh’s reunion couch session was also never showed

MAFS Australia cut scenes

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Melissa and Josh were one of the first couples to leave the experiment and Josh has cleared up his cut scenes in the MAFS Australia reunion.

In a TikTok video, Josh responded to a comment from a UK viewer who was disappointed they didn’t get to see him and Melissa speak with the experts one last time at the reunion. He revealed that he and Melissa spoke on the couch for about 20 minutes and things between the two are now amicable.

He said: “The next night at the finale we did film on the couch. We watched our video which was about four minutes long which was fairly indicative of the relationship. It showed good points and some not so good points which I feel what was shown when the show was on air.

“In that break Mel voiced some concerns about what she had seen. Whether rightly or wrongly she was not appreciative of the footage she watched and she didn’t return. When you look at the reunion and you can see scenes where I’m sitting by myself it’s because Mel had left which was unfortunate but I do understand from her point of view. There was a moment of reflection there and it wasn’t too nice for her.”

Shannon revealed to the cast he had been in therapy

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Shannon and Caitlin left the experiment pretty early on as a result of him still being in love with his ex partner. However, in scenes that didn’t air, Shannon revealed he had seeked professional help following on from the experiment.

A source told So Dramatic! Shannon “realised how badly he behaved on the show and got professional help”. “he actually did three months of solid therapy after filming and he’s been working on himself ever since.”

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