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MAFS Australia 2023 drama

A rundown of all the post-show drama that’s gone down between the MAFS Australia 2023 cast

The girlies are fighting!

Given the amount of drama that took place on Married at First Sight Australia season 10, it would seem almost impossible there would be even more after the show stopped filming. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Since the experiment ended and began airing in Australia and the UK, the cast have been arguing with one another in Facebook comments, making shady comments about each other on podcasts and making sneaky remarks on TikTok. Given the show was filmed over the summer of 2022, there is a lot of pent up anger amongst the cast members.

So if you’re still in need of your MAFS Australia 2023 fix, here is a rundown of all the post-show drama that has been happening between this year’s cast.

Bronte and Claire

MAFS Australia 2023 drama

via Nine Network Australia

Bronte recently revealed she is no longer friends with Claire after the former bride made a number of digs at her on a podcast.

Claire appeared on the Where’s Your Head At? podcast and said she was having an inner “battle” about being friends with Bronte after watching the show.

“During MAFS, I connected with Bronte a lot,” Claire said. “She’s strong, she’s sassy, she’s funny, we get along. I struggle because I know Bronte is not a stupid girl, I know that she’s smart. Watching [the show], you are either fake as sh*t, or you are either dumb as sh*t. Which one?

“And that is the battle that I’m having because I love her and I want to be friends with her. But watching that, I’m just like, ‘How can I stay true to my values and my morals… How can I be friends with somebody I may not necessarily fully trust?'”

Bronte has since responded to Claire’s comments and said she was “really hurt by the things that were said”.

Speaking to So Dramatic! Bronte said she learned Claire felt that way about her only until the podcast was published.

Speaking to So Dramatic! Bronte said she learned Claire felt that way about her only until the podcast was published.

Lyndall and Harrison found themselves in the middle of some post-show MAFS Australia 2023 drama after Harrison made a dig at Bronte.

In the comment section of a MAFS fan group on Facebook, Harrison made a shady comment about Bronte and her bestie Lyndall was having absolutely none of it. The post was a photo of Bronte with a quote of something she said on a So Dramatic podcast.

Harrison claimed the photo was from “an organised pap shoot where Bronte and her family took the photographer out for dinner afterwards”.

Lyndall was quick to defend Bronte and wrote: “Bro, give it a REST. [The photographer] has taken photos of all of us, and asked all of us if we could organise a time to get pics.”

The former MAFS Australia bride confirmed to Harrison she was at the “meet up” and they all got their photos taken, not just Bronte. “For someone who says they’re happy… you clearly haven’t let go.” Savage!

The drama continued to get even more heated and Lyndall accused Harrison of “doing a full blown smear campaign” by going on radio shows and tell-all interviews, talking about Bronte.

“If you don’t want her to have to keep defending herself, you need to stop putting crap out into the atmosphere that people want her to comment on,” she wrote.

Harrison clapped back and told Lyndall to “just stop”. “Lyndall you’re just lying now trying to change the narrative, nothing new from you I guess you’ve only got one trick, lie. With friends like you who needs enemies?”, he replied.

Josh and Melissa

MAFS Australia 2023 drama

via Nine Network Australia

Josh and Melissa were the first couple to leave the experiment after they failed to establish and emotional connection. Since the experiment, there has been some post-show MAFS Australia 2023 drama between the two. Following the end of the experiment, Josh hit back his onscreen wife who claimed he was going through a “messy divorce” during the show.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia,  Josh said Melissa’s comments were “pretty despicable” as she had “nothing to do” with his past relationship. He said: “It wasn’t a messy divorce, but even if it was, I think it’s pretty despicable for someone that has nothing to do with my relationship with my ex-wife to comment on that the way she did.”

“I never spoke about my ex-wife on the show. I think that she deserves the utmost respect,” Josh added. “I would never talk about her. [My ex] did not apply for the show, she didn’t go through the experience, and I have the utmost respect for her. I would never talk about her private manner like that.”

Lyndall and Cameron

MAFS Australia 2023 drama

via Nine Network Australia

Cameron and Lyndall have found themselves in the middle of some post-show MAFS Australia 2023 drama. When Cameron announced he was in a new relationship with someone he met from Darwin, Lyndall claimed she had already met her during the experiment.

Under a Facebook post about the new relationship, Lyndall left a comment and wrote: “F**ken hell. I literally met her at homestays. Literally what the f**k!” as reported by Daily Mail Australia.

Lyndall’s mum was apparently not buying Cameron’s new relationship. “It’s not that he has a new girlfriend, it’s just the continued lies,” her mother wrote, according to Daily Mail Australia.

Claire and Jesse

Jesse and Claire didn’t have an easy ride on MAFS Australia, especially when she cheated on him with Adam. In a tell-all interview with Daily Mail Australia, Jesse said he was “shocked” to see how their relationship played out on TV.

He told the publication: ” For some reason they chose her to be the angel of the season. That freaking cheating on me, gaslighting the sh*t out of me about it and keeping it secret for a couple of weeks. That is a super villain on a silver platter. And they’re like, ‘Nah, we’ll take care of her.’ It’s almost criminal, the imbalance and the injustice.”

Alyssa and Duncan

via Nine Network Australia

Alyssa and Duncan did not have it easy at all when it came to their MAFS Australia marriage. The pair were often the centre of a lot of commitment ceremony dramas and that hasn’t ended since the show stopped filming.

Duncan recently announced he was in a new relationship with his co-star Evelyn and Alyssa made a shady comment about the pairing in a recent TikTok comment. When asked how she felt about it, Alyssa simply responded: “Rip”.

Duncan also revealed that Alyssa hasn’t responded to any of his messages since the show. Speaking on Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie, Duncan was asked if he had spoken to Alyssa about his new relationship with Evelyn.

“I’ve reached out to Alyssa numerous times after the show and no reply,” he said. “That’s okay because she’s probably hurting and not feeling too good. All I tried to do was say that, if I could, if I could help, or if I could assist in some way I would, but no sort of communication.”

Janelle and Adam

via Nine Network Australia

Janelle and Adam were the second half of the cheating scandal and they called it quits after Adam’s misdeeds came to light. In a scene that didn’t make it to air, Janelle claimed she and Adam got into a huge argument at the reunion.

Speaking to Yahoo, Janelle revealed she had a heated exchanged with Adam that didn’t make it on the MAFS Australia reunion episode where Adam refused to apologise for what he put her through.

“There was definitely a moment at the reunion where Adam tried to apologised to me” she began, continuing: “On paper, it was a good apology, but I didn’t want to forgive someone if they weren’t apologetic for the right thing. So when I tried to clarify his apology, it just came back with the same defensiveness and a whole new layer of excuses.”

Janelle admitted she wants to forgive Adam, “but it’s hard to forgive someone when they don’t take accountability.”

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