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MAFS Australia Carolina surgery

Former MAFS Australia bride Carolina Santos admits she is ‘addicted’ to cosmetic surgery

‘I’m addicted to looking young’

Married at First Sight Australia season nine star Carolina Santos has admitted she is “addicted” to getting cosmetic surgery after sharing a number of procedures she had done to her Instagram followers.

Carolina appeared on the experiment last year and gained villain status after finding herself embroiled in a cheating scandal. Carolina and Daniel cheated on their respective partners and shocked everyone when they walked into a commitment ceremony hand-in-hand.

In photos and videos seen by Yahoo Australia, former MAFS Australia bride Carolina Santos showed her Close Friends story her swollen and bruised face as a result of her latest cosmetic surgery. She has recently had lip and cheek filler as well as a thread lift, which is a procedure that sculpts the face using thread.

MAFS Australia bride Carolina told Yahoo why she has been getting so much cosmetic surgery: “I’m addicted to looking young and getting work done.” Just last year, the former MAFS bride had $24,000 worth of Picasso Porcelain Veneers on her upper teeth.

Caroline previously told Daily Mail Australia she got veneers done after becoming insecure over the surge of people getting their teeth done to achieve a “perfect smile”.

“Many people who get veneers do it because they have bad teeth. My story is a little different,” she explained.

“When I was growing up, I had crooked teeth and developed some insecurities. I wore braces for years during high school and achieved a perfectly straight smile.”

Since getting veneers, Carolina has said she feels “very confident” with her new “smile”.

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