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MAFS Australia Alyssa Harrison

MAFS Australia’s Harrison calls Alyssa every week to check on her mental health

Is this Harrison’s redemption arc?!

Alyssa has revealed her Married at First Sight Australia co-star, Harrison, rings her every so often to check up on her to make sure she is doing well.

Alyssa appeared on the experiment on its tenth season and was matched with Duncan. Their relationship deteriorated as time went on and at the final vows, Duncan decided he couldn’t be with her much longer.

The bride, who is known for her iconic “I have a child” line, has faced a ton of social media scrutiny from viewers as a result of her portrayal on the show. Alyssa has now revealed that unlikely MAFS Australia co-star, Harrison, has been in her corner making sure she is okay.

via Nine Network Australia

Speaking to Heat, Alyssa noted who she was still in contact with from MAFS Australia and Harrison was one of them. “Harrison surprisingly rings me every week or so to do a mental health check on me which is very nice,” she said.

Alyssa also said she is still in touch with Josh, Tahnee, Ollie, Janelle, Bronte and Lyndall. Tahnee recently defended Alyssa over the hate she has been receiving on social media.

During her appearance on Al Perkins and Taku Chimwaza’s Back To Reality podcast, Tahnee said it has been “sad” to see the reaction to Alyssa from viewers on social media.

“[I’m] not surprised, but I think I was sad to see the reaction to Alyssa,” she began. “I think Alyssa is so beautiful and she is just such a nice woman. I think it’s sad to see the hate she’s coping that really upsets me. I think she obviously wasn’t shown in the best light, but I think that’s been the saddest to see.”

She continued: “She [Alyssa] is really making the most of it but it sucks. I think she has her moments because I think people try to message her and you just don’t realise how many people care about the show and how people are so invested in you. The personal attacks she has to cop, I think that’s quite sad.”

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