MAFS Australia 2023 first Instagram post

The MAFS Australia cast have finally got their Instas back, here are all their first posts

Josh, Rupert and Ollie all look like you’d bump into them at Slug & Lettuce

Now Married at First Sight Australia is over in both the UK and Australia, the cast have finally got their hands on their Instagrams again and have been providing non-stop content for all of their new followers.

For ages, the cast haven’t had full access to their Instagram pages and have been unable to provide chaotic content just like they did on MAFS Australia. So if for some reason you still haven’t got round to following this year’s cast, here are all their first Instagram posts since gaining access to their accounts again.


Sandy’s first post since getting full access to her account was a thank you to all of her co-stars and friends outside of the experiment for helping her in her “darkest and toughest” times. Sandy had a rough time on MAFS Australia after Dan was heard talking down about her behind her back and soon their relationship crumbled.

“These are the women that helped me get through my darkest and toughest time,” she captioned the post, continuing: “I respect and adore each of these queens. They were there for me when I was at my lowest. Surround yourself with people that lift you up and cheer for you. These are my people and I am so thankful for them. I am blessed with an amazing family, but friends are the family we choose.”


Janelle had been posting on her Instagram frequently before the rest of the cast gained full access but when everyone was in the same boat she posted a photo dump of what she had been up to as of late.


Similarly to a few of her co-stars, Evelyn had been posting on her Instagram well before the 15th. However her latest post has its comments on, something a lot of her previous posts didn’t have. It comes as no surprise she posted a photo looking absolutely stunning.


Duncan flexed on us all on his first Instagram post. I don’t know what was better? Seeing Duncan as he’s about to step out of the sea or knowing he is incredibly boujie and has a yacht.


Bronte debuted a huge transformation with a brand new haircut. Bronte got a bob! “They say hair holds onto energy and memories, so byeeee,” she captioned the post. Iconic behaviour from her to be honest.


Claire gave us all tips on how to take the best golden hour selfie in her first post back.


MAFS Australia 2023 groom Harrison marked his first post back on Instagram after MAFS Australia with a photo dump. The first photo in the picture carousel included him, his new girlfriend Gina and his co-stars Josh and Tayla.


Josh came back with an EPIC post and may I say, he is looking better than ever!


Tahnee just proved that she and Ollie are couple goals even outside the experiment with the most wholesome selfie.


MAFS Australia 2023 bride Melinda’s first Instagram post was a stunning video on Instagram once she got full access to her Instagram page.


Adam has been living his best life since the experiment ended and shared a photo of him, Dan and Cameron all out at a bar having shots. I guess life doesn’t get much better than that.


Dan was pretty candid about his Instagram being on lock while the show was airing and shared a photo of him… in a swimming pool.

He captioned the post: “I’m back! Cheers for all the love and support during my recent stint on TV. Finally got my account back today after Channel Nine having control of it for months!”


Tayla shared a photo of her with Dan, Adam and Daily Mail Australia journalist, Ali, in her first Instagram post back.

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