MAFS Australia 2023 regret

‘I felt awful about it’: The cast members who regret their time on MAFS Australia 2023

‘I regret it because of my portrayal’

The Married at First Sight Australia 2023 cast have had an absolute whirlwind experience over the past year. From marrying a stranger to having all their relationship dirty laundry aired on television for the world to see. Like with any reality TV show, a number of the cast members have had regrets about how they composed themselves on the show, with some wishing they never went on it to begin with.

Some of this year’s cast have openly spoken about their regrets on the show and even admitted they regret signing up for the experiment in the first place and they wouldn’t be the only reality TV stars to have said it.

Here are all the MAFS Australia 2023 cast members who have had regrets about their time on the experiment.


MAFS Australia 2023 regret

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Tayla was incredibly vocal with The Tab about her regrets on the show, saying she wished she hadn’t taken part because of the edit she received.

“I regret it [Married at First Sight Australia] because of my portrayal,” she admitted. “We are all struggling quite a lot. It’s taken its toll that’s for sure,” she continued.

“I was given the mean girl edit. There was no female villain therefore I was given that character. You don’t realise the consequences in that moment and how what you said can be taken out of context. It’s the luck of the draw with the edit. It’s important for people to realise how heavily edited reality TV is because the bullying that comes with these shows is intense.”


MAFS Australia 2023 regret

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Alyssa was matched with Duncan on MAFS Australia 2023 and has shared her regret over how she “handled situations”. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Alyssa said she will take her time on the experiment as a “learning experience”.

She said: “I do regret how I handled situations and things I had said. I wish at times I could have been more articulate with how I was feeling. I’m sorry for a lot and have since apologised to the cast. When my mental health was deteriorating, I should have demanded to leave and not been made to stay for the sake of their storyline.

“I have reflected from my time on the show and will take it as a learning experience. I truly believe the universe puts you in situations for a reason. I will continue to go to therapy, as I never take those comments as a negative. The best thing I’ve ever done is look after my brain and my mental health. I really encourage others to do the same, and to just be kind.”

Alyssa also admitted she regretted how she treated Claire amid the cheating scandal. Viewers saw Alyssa fiercly defend Janelle during the fallout and ignore Claire at a dinner party. The former bride has since said she wished she hadn’t done that.

“I was so upset over Adam and Claire. It wasn’t about the kiss, but the manipulation by Adam for weeks, to both Janelle and Jesse. Adam never showed any remorse. Claire owned up to it and you could tell she wholeheartedly felt awful about it. I definitely regret how I treated Claire and will continue to apologise,” she continued.


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Janelle was dragged into the cheating scandal on this year’s MAFS Australia 2023 and looking back, she feels regret over how she handled things.

When Jesse stormed into her apartment with Adam to confront him about his feelings towards Claire, Janelle admitted to regretting he complete trust in him to begin with.

During the phone swap task, couples had to switch phones and go through them, something Adam convinced Janelle was “unnecessary”.

“Looking back at the footage from last night, I honestly just think I’m stupid,” she told Today Extra, continuing: “Because I didn’t see how sh*t scared he was.”

During the task, Adam told Janelle: “Looking down a partner’s phone for me is something that I just don’t do. We’re going well at the minute as well, so I don’t even want to cause any unnecessary friction with this and I don’t want to read into something.”

The couple opted to not take part in the task, and Janelle had admitted she should have clocked on to Adam’s deflection.

“There’s a reason why I asked my brothers to help me look out for red flags at the wedding,” she said. “Clearly I don’t see them. You could really read him like a book, he even said something like, ‘Kicked to the curb.'”


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Claire was at the forefront of the one of the biggest scandals on this year’s Married at First Sight Australia after she kissed her co-star Adam, who was not her husband. It was incredibly obvious Claire felt bad about what she had done and she has since admitted her regret of her doing it on MAFS Australia 2023.

When talking about the cheating scandal with 9Entertainment, Claire said: “I wish that I didn’t hurt him.”

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