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The MAFS Australia girlies have all been defending Alyssa on social media

Apparently Duncan even said Alyssa didn’t deserve the edit she got

A number of the Married at First Sight Australia brides and grooms have been showing their support for Alyssa on social media after she received a wave of backlash as a result of her portrayal on the show.

The experiment has finished filming and is no longer airing in Australia or the UK and viewers have still got a tall list of opinions about this year’s cast. Now the cast have all got their Instagrams back, the MAFS Australia brides have been using their platforms to defend Alyssa from trolls and show people just how lovely she is.

Alyssa was matched with Duncan on MAFS Australia and we often saw them finding it difficult to make their relationship work onscreen. Alyssa has spoken out over her edit from the show, regretting some things she had said but overall believes she was given a villain-type edit.

Tahnee, who had previously spoken out in support of Alyssa, has doubled down on her thoughts and posted a lengthy statement on Instagram about it.

In response to a question from a follower asking if Alyssa has a child, something she often mentioned on the show, Tahnee responded: “Alyssa is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met.”

”She is that friend that will always be there for you no matter what,” she continued.

“I know this show can really bring out the worst in people and highlight more negative aspects but I really wish you got to see more of how warm and kind she is. It’s such a shame. She would always bake us treats and leave at our door in Skye Suites, let me borrow her shoes, bring me period pain medication when I needed.

“At the end of the day, you only see such a small snippet of who we are (for better or for worse) BUT we are human, we make mistakes and we can only grow from our experiences.”

MAFS Australia brides

via Instagram @itstahnee

Melinda, who was matched with Layton on the experiment, is another one of the MAFS Australia brides to defend Alyssa. She echoed Tahnee’s sentiment and screenshot and reposted her statement onto her own Instagram story.

She quickly followed up by claiming Duncan has told her Alyssa didn’t deserve the edit she got on the show.

“Also… fun fact… Duncan’s literal words to me the last time I saw him were, ‘Alyssa didn’t deserve that edit’”, she wrote on Instagram.

MAFS Australia brides

via Instagram @melindarichelle

Lyndall, who was also doing a Q&A on her Instagram, said Alyssa was on cast member who everyone “loved” on set.

She said: “Okay something that you might not expect from our season is that everyone loved Alyssa.”

via Instagram @10dall

Lyndall all shared a dump of photos of her and Alyssa from their time on the experiment, praising her in each sentence.

“When I cried, she cried,” she began, continuing: “When I laughed, she laughed. She is a gem, one of my best friends from the show. She’d go to war for me, and I’d do the same for her. She’s not perfect, but she has a heart of gold. She deserved better, we ALL agree. I love you my baby.”

Did someone say Alyssa defence league?! I am so here for it.

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