MAFS Australia 2023 scouted applied

A breakdown of who from the MAFS Australia 2023 cast was scouted and who applied for the show

Adam was scouted for MAFS Australia while living in London

Like with any reality TV show, there is a strict way to ensure your place, whether that be through an application or a producer suggesting you’d be a good fit.

It seems pretty wild that you’d be approached and asked if you want to marry a stranger to participate in an experiment, but not that wild because some people agree to do it.

The Married at First Sight Australia season 10 cast have a mix of participants who applied for the show and who were actually scouted by producers, with some of the cast members revealing how they joined the show.

So, out of who we know so far, here is who from the cast of MAFS Australia 2023 was scouted to take part and who applied to be on the show.

Who from the MAFS Australia season 10 cast was scouted to be on the show?

Former bride Alyssa Barmonde revealed she was scouted by producers to appear on the marital experiment.

In an interview Cosmopolitan, Alyssa said: “I was actually scouted for MAFS via my Instagram. A lot of people aren’t aware that probably half of us are scouted.

“I was a bit hesitant at first, but thought to myself, ‘What’s the worst that could happen? If I am true to myself and wear my heart on my sleeve, they will surely show the real story.

“I never in a million years would have expected for them to twist the entire story into a new reality. Yes, I knew it would be edited, but I don’t think people realise how much.”

Who applied from the MAFS Australia 2023 cast to be on the show?

Janelle recently revealed she applied to be on the show, but it was after she was approached to appear on The Bachelor.

In an Instagram Q&A, Janelle was asked what was her reason behind joining MAFS Australia, and a part of it was down to her being approached by The Bachelor.

“[I wanted to] challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. [I] was single for six months after a five year relationship and was going on bad date after bad date,” she explained.

“I didn’t think to apply until The Bachelor reached out to me. So I just applied for both at the same time.”

MAFS Australia 2023 scouted applied

via Instagram @janellemyh

Melinda also revealed she applied to be on the show after watching season nine, thinking she would be “alone” forever.

Also during an Instagram Q&A, she said: “I applied. I was certain I’d be alone and I was crying after watching season nine’s vows feeling sorry for myself.

”I sent my video through with no makeup, no hair extensions looking a hot mess and was just like, please find the impossible for me.”

Melinda explaining whether she applied or was scouted for MAFS Australia 2023

via Instagram @melindarichelle

Sandy revealed she applied to MAFS Australia once before she landed it last year. In an Instagram story, Sandy wrote: “I applied for MAFS in 2021, but they reached out in 2022. They asked me to submit a new video application.”

These are all the participants who were scouted to be on MAFS Australia 2023

Jesse recently revealed his application process was quite different than the others. When asked during a Q&A if he applied or was approached, he wrote: “It was like 50/50. I answered part of the application. Never pressed submit. Then they called a few weeks later and put me straight into the next phase.” What a dream!

Speaking on MAFS UK’s Lara Eyre’s podcast, Adam Seed revealed he was scouted to appear on MAFS Australia. He told Lara he had been scouted to appear on a different show called Love Triangle, who had offered to fly him over to Australia. In the process of all of that, he was then scouted to appear on MAFS and the rest is history!

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