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MAFS Australia’s Jesse and Janelle have confirmed they are not dating and are just friends

Them holding hands was nothing more than being friendly!

Married at First Sight Australia groom Jesse Burford has confirmed he and Janelle are in fact not dating, despite posting photos of them holding hands on his Instagram.

The former groom recently got his Instagram account back and like his co-stars, he has been posting photos that wasn’t able to before.

After his followers became obsessed with the idea that he was dating Janelle, Jesse was quick to shut down the rumours and speculation.

On two separate occasions during an Instagram Q&A, Jesse was asked by his followers if he was dating Janelle, to which he responded: “Can confirm. No we are not.”

via Instagram @jesse_burford

He also put the rumours of him dating Bronte Schofield and Lyndall Grace to bed in a separate Instagram story.

He wrote: “No. I’m not dating Janelle, Lyndall or Bronte.”

via Instagram @jesse_burford

Jesse also admitted the photo of the pair holding hands was just a ploy to mess with people a little bit.

When asked by one of his followers if the PDA was just to be funny or f*ck with fans, he said: “Honestly, kind of both. It started off as, ‘Yeah let’s f*ck with everyone. Let’s hold hands.’ And then it turned into us actually getting to know each other better and I guess having a bit of a flirtationship. But it didn’t go past the kiss you guys already know about. It was a simple little peck on the lips before she moved to Sydney.”

People began to speculate about their romance after Janelle revealed they kissed after filming ended after forming a bond following the cheating scandal.

Speaking to Yahoo Australia, Janelle said: “So there are some articles of me and Jesse hanging out a lot in Perth. We did have a bit of a trauma bond and, he might hate me, but we have shared a peck. Just an innocent little peck that’s it.”

“It might have been friendly, it might have been romantic, I’m not sure. But we have had the conversation that we weren’t going to pursue anything because I moved to Sydney. So at the moment, we’re just really good friends.”

Before his Instagram photo caused more rumours, Jesse had previously cleared up speculation about the two. “Janelle and I were looking cosy because we are good mates,” he said before admitting they had discussed a possible relationship.

“Janelle just moved to Sydney, so even if we were going to walk down that path, we both said to each other that a long distance relationship is not something that is an option for us.”

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