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Guys, MAFS Australia’s Jesse and Adam have squashed their beef and are now friends

‘It’s water under the bridge’

In a twist no one was expecting, Jesse and Adam have put all their beef aside and have made up since the cheating scandal on Married at First Sight Australia.

During the show Adam kissed Jesse’s wife, Claire, and all hell broke loose when it was revealed to the rest of the cast.

Since the cast gained access to their Instagram accounts, they have all been partaking in Q&As, answering burning questions their followers have for them.

One follower asked former MAFS Australia groom Jesse if he and Adam were beefing and he shut it down immediately.

“No. Adam and I are not beefing,” he began. “It’s been many months since the show, since that cheating fiasco and Adam has reached out plenty of times expressing his regret. He even bought me a present. He bought me tickets to a metal show happening here in Perth in January.

“I was just in Queensland last week and I went up to Brisbane and was there for his birthday party. The beef is squashed, it’s water under the bridge. It’s all good. Wish the bloke the best.”

Former MAFS Australia groom Adam echoed the same thoughts and Jesse reposted the video onto his story and captioned it: “One of a kind brother”.

MAFS Australia Adam Jesse

Janelle has previously revealed things between her and Adam are not cool and they got into a big argument at the reunion, which went unaired.

Speaking to Yahoo, Janelle said: “There was definitely a moment at the reunion where Adam tried to apologised to me. On paper, it was a good apology, but I didn’t want to forgive someone if they weren’t apologetic for the right thing.

“So when I tried to clarify his apology, it just came back with the same defensiveness and a whole new layer of excuses.”

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