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The 27 types of student you’re guaranteed to find in the library this exam season

Always one that comes in with a raging cough for us all to listen to for hours on end

Going to the library during exam season always seems like a good idea at first. With your laptop and meal deal in hand, you’re feeling like it’s going to be a very productive day. That is until you realise you’re surrounded by every single one of these horrific types of students.

From the sneezer who’s spread all of their tissues across the shared workspace to the couple who think their uni library is date night, we’ve listed every type of student you’re guaranteed to find in your uni library this exam season:

1. The chatty one

They didn’t come for revision- they came for a good time. All of their friends were going so they thought they’d tag along too only to interrupt everyone’s work.

2. The serial worker

They spend all day every day at the library. Here for exam season? No. This is just their routine. They know where to find every book, where the best spot is and are mates with the library staff. They’re basically the librarian.

3. The socialite

Going to the library with them is like going to study with a celebrity. Every time you sit down to start work another friend has approached them chatting to them about their plans for this weekend. I have no idea how they get any work done.

4. The crammer

Their deadline is in an hour. It’s a race against time. The sun is rising, and they’ve been here since last night. We’re all praying for them.

5. The main character

They’re sat there peacefully with a drink and sandwich and have already done a day’s work by the time we’ve arrive to the library. All i want to know is how can I be them please?

6. The rustler

6. The rustler

7. The waterworks

I feel your pain and chances are we’ve all been them once. Sometimes when the exam-stress builds you just need to let the tears out.

8. The one who just missed their deadline

They’ve got their head in their hands as the time in the bottom corner of their screen reads “12:01”. So close.

9. The Paris Fashion Week model

They’ve rocked up to the library in the late afternoon after a long morning of applying the obligatory foundation, eyeliner and fake lashes. Everyday is a fashion show and a revision trip to the library is no different.

10. The night owl

A lot of us will never meet these people apart from on the occasional all-nighter in the library. These are the people who live on the other side of life, waking up at 6pm and going to sleep at 7am so arriving at the library for 1 am is just their norm.

11. The couple

They’re hopelessly in love and also hopelessly unaware of the people trying to work around them. They think they’re being subtle when they whisper in each other’s ears, completely unaware of the fact we can all hear what they’re saying – some people should stick to working at home.

12. The content creator

The only reason they’re here is to film their time lapse of their hardworking day. Inevitably most of this time is spent trying to get the right camera angle and best lighting.

13. The seat protector

They’ve spread every item they own onto the five chairs either side of them. They’ve been selected as the group seat protector while the others have gone on a nice break. Honestly if you’re this person you should just get your stuff and go on a break yourself. You deserve it.

14. The newcomer

It’s exam season so they thought it was about time they made a trip to this place they’d kept hearing about called “the library”… You might find this person wandering aimlessly around the busiest floor at the busiest time of the day. Ultimately they won’t find a seat and chances are you’ll never seen them in the library again.

15. The snacker

They’ve bought every possible snack in Tesco – and in bulk. After having eaten this all within the first hour of their arrival, they head out and return with a Maccies and about three soft drinks. I mean whatever gets you through exam season.

16. The Monster head

It’s quite alarming to see from an outside perspective. Their hands are shaking from the caffeine and the fingers are moving over the keyboard at 100 miles per hour. These are the ones you don’t want to disturb.

17. The napper

They only got here two minutes ago and they’re already asleep. The bag they once used to store their work in has now become their pillow and there’s no waking this one up.

18. The latte sipper

They’re sitting there with their iced caramel latte tapping the keyboard every so often with their perfect acrylic nails. How much work they actually get done is something I don’t know but they look great doing it.

19. The disappearing act

Ah. The mystery man who’s left his coat, hoodie, bag, laptop and basically every single belonging to bagsy his seat. Last known sighting? No one could tell you.

20. The TikTok addict

They’ve laid all of their stuff out, ready to start, only to whip out their phone and open the most addictive app known to man. A few hours into your work you’ll hear a sudden “WHAT? IT’S BEEN THREE HOURS” from them beside you.

21. The sneezer

They’re surrounded by an array of paracetamol and Lemsip and really they shouldn’t be here. When you hear the serial sneezes stop that’s when the coughing fits begin.

22. The aggressive typer

Maybe they are just type like this because they’re on a roll. Or maybe they have a lot of pent-up anger that they’re taking it out on this essay. Either way, it’s very stressful hearing other people are about 1,000 words into their essay when you’re still staring at an empty page.

23. The rugby lads

Rain or shine they are sat there in shorts, manspreading much to everyone’s displeasure. Their laughs are loud and their jokes unfunny but regardless we’re all forced to sit there and listen to their misogynistic conversations.

24. The one you’ve been avoiding

Whether they’re your ex of three years or that awful one night stand from the night before, somehow fate always brings you together in the library. This is the moment you wished you’d just worked in your room.

25. The vaper

Some people de-stress by getting some fresh air. Some might chat with friends. But others need their strawberry ice vape when the exam stress kicks in. At 11 in the morning.

26. The flirter from afar

This is the one who truly believes they’re going to find their soulmate at 3pm in the library during exam season. They’re more committed to finding the fittest person on the floor than they are to finishing their coursework. You know who you are.

27. The procrastinator

You catch them in the corner of your eye as they stare fascinatedly at their fingernails instead of their laptop. Suddenly they decide it’s time for a break despite not having started working yet. Chances are this is the most relatable one.

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