MAFS Australia icon Jessika Power calls out Tayla over her claims of an ‘unfavourable edit’

‘Why can’t they just embrace it like I did?’

Former Married at First Sight Australia bride Jessika Power has called out season 10 bride Tayla Winter for claiming she was given an “unfavourable edit” on the show.

Tayla previously told The Tab she regretted her time on the show as a result of the “mean girl edit” she claims she was given.

Tayla recently told The Daily Telegraph she was left “traumatised” by her edit on MAFS Australia, but Jessika Power has told her to just “get over it”.

In the comment section of a So Dramatic! Instagram post about MAFS Australia bride Tayla, Jessika wrote: “It’s literally written into your contracts. Why can’t they just embrace it like I did. They showed all the sh*tty things we did and not the nice things. F**king get over it.”

In her interview with The Daily Telegraph, Tayla said she thought she would be given a “good edit”.

“You prepare yourself for an unfavourable edit, however, you still think you’re somewhat in control of how you’re portrayed,” she said.

“Personally, I thought I was going to get a good edit. When context is removed, your audio is cut and pasted to create conversations. Your facial expressions and your reactions are something completely different to what actually happened.”

Tayla previously told The Tab she regrets appearing on the experiment because of how she was portrayed.

“I regret it [Married at First Sight Australia] because of my portrayal,” she said, continuing: “We are all struggling quite a lot. It’s taken its toll that’s for sure.”

Tayla also received a wave of hate messages from trolls, which she described as intense. She said: “It’s important for people to realise how heavily edited reality TV is because the bullying that comes with these shows is intense.”

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