An ode to The Lost Wanderer: The student-friendly cafe that literally has it all

No gatekeeping here x

I’m finally ready to come clean. This year, I have committed the most heinous crime imaginable of a second year Newcastle student: I do not live in Jesmond.

Please, hold back your cries of judgement and despair! While admittedly, this does come with downsides, such as Osborne Road feeling like a million miles away and the seemingly never-ending walk across the Town Moor, not to mention the continuous bullying from my Jesmond-based pals (“only freaks don’t live here” – untrue, and also, rude), there are many positives. Cheap rent, being able to roll out of bed for lectures and a relatively fast walk home after a night out – I stick by my decision. 

Anyway, I digress; it also means I often find myself ambling down the wonderful Leazes Park Road. For all those who are no longer in first year, you may remember this fondly from your route back to Park View or Castle Leazes, as the stretch you need to tackle before you take on the marathon that is Richardson Road. Happy memories. 

Among many other lovely spots which inhabit Leazes Park Road – recommendations include Katherine’s Florists, who offer bunches of flowers for £1, perfect for those that want to treat themselves (or someone else) on a budget, and Les Petits Choux, a family run patisserie – there lies a glorious place named The Lost Wanderer. 

I’d like to think I’ve tried my fair share of Newcastle’s pubs and cafes, now I’ve been here for a couple of years, but this one occupied a place in my heart as soon as I entered. Imagine a place that does it all. I’m talking a bar, restaurant AND cafe in one. This is accompanied by great music, quirky decor and lots of cosy personal touches. There’s even a tattoo and piercing studio on the top floor!

Yes, this magical place does indeed exist. The Lost Wanderer truly offers something for everyone; situated very close to St James’ Park, naturally it’s packed full of jolly spectators on match days, but is also super family and student friendly, providing the perfect place to catch up over a pint or work hard on your assignments, coffee in hand.

The Lost Wanderer is full of character with lots of unique elements that come together to create a really welcoming atmosphere. Each floor has an original 1970s jukebox, full of hits and free to use. Live music is a regular feature, allowing up and coming local acts to take centre stage at the weekends. There is a free book exchange with a huge selection available to be enjoyed, if you ever find time to do so on your own accord, because of course you have been working your way through your module’s reading lists. Even the decorations are wonderfully eccentric, with vintage cinema seats, murals, fairy lights, posters and paintings – and just wait until you see the surprise in the upstairs toilet…

In terms of drinks, they have a varied range of craft beers, ales and wines that can be enjoyed out front in the sun, in the back courtyard or inside beside the bar. The Lost Wanderer also supports other local favourites, with treats on offer from Big Boy Brownies and Big River Bakery, as well as delicious pizza from Firestone which can be delivered direct to your table. 

Although there is a part of me that wants to keep it all to myself, I feel as if I owe it to all my fellow students to be generous – especially after hearing the Robbo (and even the Marj) have been so busy this exam season, apparently students have been spotted studying on the floor. What better place to escape the chaos and revise – you could even reward yourself with a pint afterwards! Thank me later.

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