If you’ve done 12/16 of these things, you’re definitely about to graduate from Exeter

Consider this a bucket list of things to do before you graduate, if you haven’t already

Attention final year students! Graduation season is almost upon us and it’s time to make the most of Exeter while we still have it. After three years (or more), it’s easy to overlook some of the great things about this little city in favour of its shortcomings – namely, Fever, but let’s not forget the good times too. I have compiled a careful list of the 15 things all graduating students will spend their summer doing, starting now. So if you see people doing number 1o, just know it’s because they’re about to graduate.

1. Lunch by the cathedral ‘just because’

Picnics on Cathedral Green are a truly wholesome way to kick off this list of things almost everyone does before they graduate. For many of us, this is a nostalgic reminder of first year Covid-restriction society gatherings, and for the rest of us, it’s just a great place to meet with friends.

2. Taking the train to Exmouth whenever the sun comes out

You wouldn’t be graduating without taking every chance you get to hop on a train to Exmouth to get sunburnt and drunk on the beach with your housemates and friends.

3. Rekindling old friendships

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly get an influx of invites to Exmouth or drinks at Monkey Suit, it’s final year students attempting to save the friendships they let die out over the past year. And for god’s sake don’t ask to reschedule.

4. Going surfing in Croyde or Newquay

Extra points if you’re not part of surf society and actually have to persuade a housemate to drive you all the way. I promise it’s worth it in the end.

5. Making the trek to Dartmoor

It’s a sorrowful confession to say you went to university in Exeter and never bothered to visit Dartmoor. Climb a Tor, meet some Dartmoor ponies or swim in the (pretty freezing) little lakes, the list of things to do is almost endless. There’s something for anyone and, as a third year student, there’s really no excuse not to go to Spitchwick before you graduate.

6. Making the effort to go to the Quay

Far less time consuming than travelling to Dartmoor, yet almost as rare, actually making it down to the Quay is a solid indicator that you’re either a fresher or a final year student. Final year students have been around long enough to realise how expensive everything is down there though, so you won’t catch them at On The Waterfront, unless it’s their graduation day –  and daddy’s paying.

7. Doing a final sweep of the charity shops

There’s nothing more Exe-tah than fighting an old man for the rights to a XL knitted jumper in British Heart Foundation.

8. Getting pictures with your friends at the University of Exeter rock

Can you truly call yourself a soon-to-be-graduate without a photo of you and your housemates by the University of Exeter rock lurking somewhere in your camera roll or Instagram feed?

9. Crashing society socials / balls

There are two types of people at university: those who live and breathe for society balls, and those who would rather die. However, in final year, all bets are off and there’ll be people at the tennis ball who’ve never picked up a racket. Nine times out of ten, it’s because they couldn’t get tickets to EGB.

10. Going to EGB

Speaking of EGB, it’s safe to hold graduating students responsible for the rising asking-price of tickets on Overheard. Desperate to get cute pics with their friends before it’s too late, if you see someone offering a sacrilegious sum of money for an EGB ticket on Facebook, just know it’s probably a third year.

11. Worrying about internship applications more than your essays

Being confronted with the reality of leaving education behind when you reach your final year is frightening, especially if you haven’t really given it any thought yet. It’s even more frightening when you find yourself sat in the library on LinkedIn as a form of procrastination – whatever happened to just scrolling on TikTok?

12. Spending too much time at the post office

Graduation outfits are almost as stressful as dissertations, and that’s only a slight exaggeration. If you notice an unusual queue developing outside your local Premier, it’s probably safe to assume it’s final year students returning the outfit they ordered online yesterday. Better luck next time guys.

13. Getting drunk at Impy

Another activity to save for a sunny day is an impromptu trip to the Impy – and you can’t tell me you’re graduating if you still call it the Imperial. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules.

14. Coming back for birthday parties in the summer

Making the effort to come back to Exeter after you’ve gone home for summer proves you’ve either got severe FOMO, or your graduation coming up. Unlike the second years, they don’t have the opportunity to mindlessly drunk with your university friends next September, so July will have to do.

15. Staying in Exeter over the summer

Alternatively, choosing to stay and make the most of ever-increasing rent and mediocre student house suggests you might be getting ready to pack up for good. Choosing not to go on a lads holiday or see your family dog in favour of staying in Exe? Does it get more “final year” than that?

16. Claiming that you’re not going to miss TP

This is the ultimate giveaway that someone is definitely about to graduate; they’re attempting to sever ties with the club they’ve called home for the past Wednesday and Friday of every week over the last three years. Unfortunately, TP is like that one situationship you just can’t get over… You try your best to say goodbye but deep down you know you’ll be back.

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