Sammy Love Island 2023

Sammy is the latest bombshell turning heads in the Love Island 2023 villa

Will he ever explain what a project manager is?

Sammy entered the Love Island villa and ruffled absolutely everyone’s feathers. Well, actually just Mitchel’s. The bombshell went on dates with Molly, Ella and Jess and everything seems to be going well for him so far.

No doubt the drama will kick off with a recoupling on the horizon now a new bombshell has been thrown into the mix. But who is Sammy and why has he decided to go on Love Island 2023?

Sammy is 22 years old from Kent

Sammy Love Island 2023

via ITV

Sammy is a 22-year-old project manager from Kent. It doesn’t seem Sammy has that much of an idea of what the job entails so there’s no hope in us ever finding out.

The bombshell caught the eye of Jess as she is desperately looking for a man in the villa and Sammy could be ticking all of her boxes. When asked how his family would describe him, Sammy said: ‘Funny, bubbly and good to be around. I’m a bit cheeky too.”

He is hoping to be ‘the energy’ in the villa

It wouldn’t be Love Island is an Islander, or all of them, said they were looking to bring the energy into the villa.

Sammy described himself as the full package and said he plans to be “the energy in the villa”. “Lots of guys have pretty faces and nice bodies which I have too, but I’ve also got the bubble personality,” he told ITV ahead of his entrance.

“I’m a bit of a firework. I stand out from everyone else purely on appearance. Most attractive people have the personalty of a sponge, but I’m not lacking in that department either.” Humble!

Sammy currently has a couple thousand followers on Instagram

Sammy already has an impressive following on Instagram, with just over 2,600 followers. He doesn’t post an awful lot and currently only has 14 posts on his account.

From what he does post, it’s clear he loves to travel whether he’s skiing in the Alps or yachting somewhere fancy. Project managing clearly pays well!

He ‘always’ has girls on his mind

Sammy chose to sign up to Love Island 2023 because he “always” has girls on his mind. Fair I guess. “I’ve always got girls on my mind, so what better way to find a nice girl than in the Love Island villa?” he said. “I won’t shy away from any of the girls and I’ll stand my ground. It’s game on.”

Sammy’s dream girl is none other than Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline and he even said he wishes she was in the villa with him. Well, it’s nice to want things I guess.

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