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The ways you can be a little more sustainable as an Exeter student this summer

Ok, we know that Josie tops are cute – but do you really need them in 10 colours?

Exams are FINALLY coming to a close and it’s time to relax here in Exeter. But, that doesn’t mean the planet needs to suffer. Whether your days involve BBQs at Exmouth or getting it very wrong in TP, we have you covered with some tips to stay a bit more sustainable. Whilst clearing out your third year house and in disbelief over the sheer amount of stuff you’ve managed to accumulate, the urge to chuck all reminders of first year cringe away is undoubtedly strong, but please, channel your inner Attenborough, I beg of you. 

1. Hot-girl walk in nature

Now the sun is shining in Exeter, the Hot Girl Walks can officially commence in full force. Get your trainers on and hit the Quay, or if you fancy the trek, hike around Mincinglake and beyond. Not only are walks in nature great for your mental health, but they are the perfect opportunity to get some seriously cute candid photos. So, set up that date with your mates and struggle up the hills, it’ll all be worth it for that cute sunset pic. If you don’t fancy going too far afield, walking around the cute parts of campus (I’m talking Reed Hall of course) guarantees some nice views, as well as the bonus of an accidental-on-purpose pub trip to Impy. After all that exercise, a huge pitcher is the only way to congratulate yourself.

2. Bin your rubbish

Instead of letting Exmouth become a graveyard of your leftover belongings, let’s get up and take it to the nearest bin pls. Yes, BBQs by the beach are fun, but it’s less ideal when you see loads of burned-out coals and plastic sausage wrappers everywhere. I’m also talking about the essential post-club kebab, McDonald’s or Subway (personally I’m a cheesy chips girl). You may be swaying your way home but when you pass a bin, throw the rank mess of garlic mayo away. No one needs to see your half-eaten meal on the floor after you’ve decided a tactical chunder is the only way to get to afters. 

3. Stop impulse buying

3. Stop impulse buying

As acknowledged, the urge to impulse buy runs deep in newly-free Exeter students. Running equally deep is the pressure to look fabulous and keep up with the hundreds of trends flooding summer. Borrowing and swapping clothes from your friends, siblings, housemates, TP lost property – wherever – is a great way to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh and exciting without breaking the planet or the student loan – win win. Swap clothes with your friends for club nights or balls, or – if in doubt head to the charity shop where all the oat milk girlies go to find yourself both the ugliest fit known to man for Batty and the steal of the season in the form of a £2 summer dress. 

5. Take your things home or sell them on Overheard

When the time does come for you to pack up and leave Exeter, make sure you don’t leave your unwanted items strewn about the street or in the bins. There are so many places where your bits can find a loving home – Overheard and charity shops to name two. You may not be able to fit that huge beanbag that you bought in the car but give it to someone who can use it for years to come. Or, squeeze it in the car and take it back with you for another year of uni shenanigans. 

6. Move stuff into your new uni house

Quite a few landlords are pretty good at allowing you to move stuff into your new uni home – especially if your contract opens in August – make the most of it and move a couple of boxes in to save your wardrobe, the planet, and mostly, space in your parents’ Land Rover discovery.

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