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Cindy Edgar Love Island France

Who are Cindy and Edgar? The Love Island France power couple everyone is obsessed with

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Despite Love Island making its return to UK screens only a few days ago, people have become obsessed with a group of Islanders on the other side of the world.

Love Island France has become a talking point amongst viewers, and one couple in particular has taken over TikTok and Twitter. Cindy and Edgar have seemingly fallen in love while on Love Island France together and even though its all in French, UK viewers have been getting all the content they can about the couple.

So, who actually are Cindy and Edgar and what has their Love Island France journey been like?

Cindy and Edgar were both OG Islanders

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Cindy coupled up with Simone in the first week and as a TikToker described it, they were a “disaster”. Edgar was originally in a couple with Perrine but it didn’t work out due to their seven year age gap. Edgar then went on a date with a bombshell but he had started developing feelings for Cindy.

On day five, Cindy and Edgar coupled up with one another before swapping partners on day 10. However, when day 16 rolled around they coupled up together and now the rest is history!

Cindy is 25 years old from Paris

Cindy Miranda is a 25-year-old air hostess from Paris. She currently has 22,700 followers on Instagram and often shares stunning selfies and her various trips abroad. She has travelled all over the world, including Nigeria, Saint Tropez, Martinique and Hawaii. Surely it doesn’t get much better than that?!

Ahead of her time in the villa, Cindy said she was “ready to do anything to find love”. It seems like she has done that with Edgar as the pair are dominating TikTok with their wholesome chats and reunions.

Edgar is 21 years old from Hyères

Edgar is a French kitesurfing champion who said he was looking for love in the villa. Some of his accolades include junior world champion in 2018, junior French champion in 2020 and French champion in 2022. Quite iconic if you ask me!

Edgar currently has just under 50,000 followers on Instagram and describes himself as a “happy kid living a dream”. His instagram is largely filled with videos of him kitesurfing as well as travelling the world. He has visited the likes of North Caledonia and numerous places across France.

They had some trouble in Casa Amor

It wouldn’t be Love Island without Casa Amor! When the girls receive a video montage of what the boys were getting up to in Casa Amor, Cindy was pissed, and rightfully so. When she returned to the villa ready to recouple with Edgar, she had a lot to say.

From what I can gather, the boys were messing around with the new girls, testing their connections and pretty much forgetting about the OG girls they had waiting for them. Cindy was one of the first girls to return and she told every single Islander about themselves. Queen business really!

Cindy and Edgar are literally the cutest couple to ever grace Love Island

There is no doubt Cindy and Edgar are wholesome but there has never been a couple quite so lovely like them. When Cindy returned from a date she was met with Edgar waiting for her and picking her up and spinning her in the air. ICONIC.

After a fake elimination saw Cindy leave the villa, she proved she had nothing but love for Edgar. “For me, I found my partner, my Islander. I want to go to the end”, she said.

“With Edgar, I know it won’t be easy, neither on my side nor on his. But I still had the objective of finding someone with whom it would be very strong and to go until the end. I have no doubts, I found it 100 per cent. I know that sometimes it’s very confrontational. I’m very jealous, he’s also jealous, a little possessive, but I believe that it takes everything in a couple and that we are here to strengthen.”

Petition for ITV to air Love Island France now please!

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