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Lancs students, get ready: Here are your BNOC 2023 finalists

It’s been a good one, so let’s go out with a bang

Lancastrians rejoice, for today I present to you the final round of our 2023 Lancs BNOC competition. Our biggest one yet, this year’s comp saw nearly 100 nominations, and over many heats and rounds has amassed 9,559 votes. Yes, you read that correctly – nearly 10,000 votes have gone into whittling down our 30 first round competitors to our final three. For our final, we asked our top three what it would mean to them to be crowned BNOC, and why they think they deserve the title. So, let’s get cracking and see who you have voted to see in the final of this year’s Lancs BNOC.

Alice Grennan, Third year, Fylde, Geography (she/her)

Final recap! Alice was nominated for being the founder of LEC netball and being the most popular person in the atrium at all hours of the day. She has also been shortlisted for “Volunteer of the Year” in the LUSU Sports Awards 2023. When asked what being this year’s BNOC would mean to her, she said: “This is the platform I needed to take LEC netball global #livelaughLEC”. We respect the grind. If Alice is your winner, vote for her below!

Alex Vero, Fourth Year, Grizedale, Biomedicine (she/her)

Alex, who has recently won the award for Grizedale College’s “Sports Personality of the Year”, is on for a double whammy, looking for her second title with this year’s BNOC. Alex told us: “Being crowned BNOC would be the biggest dub of my life! I think I deserve it because I guess know a few people”. If you want to make Alex’s year and crown her this year’s BNOC, vote below!

Angus Bibby, First Year, Cartmel, Economics (he/him)

Angus’ “iconic” coat earned him his initial nomination in this year’s competition, and it appears that many of his fellow students share his excitement to escape Lancaster for the summer, as they voted him through to the final round. Angus said: “I’d be honoured to win such a prestigious award, I believe that all the hard work and dedication that I’ve put into becoming BNOC is what has put me in such a brilliant position”. If you think Angus is the pinnacle of a Lancs BNOC, vote for him below!

So, there you have it! After weeks of campaigning and working for the ultimate Lancs honour, our finalists can do nothing but wait as their fates are in your hands. Please, don’t take your power for granted and VOTE!!