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Layton says the MAFS Australia commitment ceremonies were ‘hell on earth’

‘I found it hard to have authentic conversations’

Former Married at First Sight Australia groom Layton has revealed one moment he couldn’t stand during the experiment and to be fair, it’s understandable.

In an Instagram Q&A, Layton was asked what his least favourite part of the MAFS Australia experiment asked and revealed it was none other than the commitment ceremonies.

The commitment ceremonies took place every week and were a chance for the couples to have a candid conversation with the experts about the struggles and highlights in their relationship.

Layton described the commitment ceremonies as “hell on earth” when responding to the follower. “The time they took, the small bloody ottomans, John constantly roasting me about something,” he explained.

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“And sometimes I found it hard to have authentic conversations with the experts when you’ve got cameras all around you and a room full of producers (and cast) scrutinising every minute. So getting into a mindset where I could be vulnerable was difficult.”

Layton was matched with Melinda on MAFS Australia 2023 and often found himself struggling with their relationship. John would often tell Layton to stop talking like he was in a boardroom, but eventually issues between him and Melinda were often ironed out.

Despite disliking the commitment ceremonies, Layton did reveal a lot he enjoyed about taking part in the experiment. Layton revealed he “loved” the apartment he and Melinda stayed in.

“I loved out apartment and life after filming stopped,” Layton said, continuing: “Cooking dinner in our apartment, going down to the spa in Sky suites, breaking curfew to go to the movies. I also learned heaps about myself during the experience and it genuinely had a lasting shift on my perspective about relationships.”

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