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MAFS Australia 2023

Three months since the show aired, here’s what the MAFS Australia 2023 cast are all up to

Dan is of course always by the ocean

It’s been a few months since the class of Married at First Sight Australia 2023 graced our screens and it’s fair to say, nobody knows what to do with themselves without their MAFS fix.

It’ll soon be a year since the 2023 cast filmed the experiment, and their lives have changed dramatically since. From podcast deals to possible TV show deals, this is what the MAFS Australia 2023 cast are all up to, three months since it first aired in the UK.


At the end of MAFS Australia season 10, viewers saw Ollie and Tahnee say yes to one another at their final vows and they are still together to this day! The couple have gone from strength to strength since the experiment and have recently moved into their own home together.

Ollie recently launched his own podcast called The Tosser Pod and the first episode will be available on the 13th of June. The podcast is set to cover pop culture and the secrets of reality TV. The first episode features Rupert!

The synopsis for the podcast reads: “Whether you’re seeking inspiration, a good laugh, or just a break from the daily grind, The Ollie Skelton Show Everyone Rates has got you covered.”

When he’s not recording his podcast, Ollie is attending events alongside Tahnee and is often out partying with his MAFS Australia co-stars. Ollie is still good friends with Rupert and Josh from the experiment.


Tahnee and Ollie stayed together after the experiment and are now living their best lives in their new home. The couple recently moved after feeling unsafe in Surry Hills following a number of incidents in the area.

Tahnee recently attended Australia Fashion Week alongside co-star Janelle Han. The former brides were serving looks and Tahnee even let slip one clothing faux pas she made during the experiment. Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Tahnee said: “I wore a lot of sequins on the show and I probably wouldn’t normally wear that. But I was trying to go for MAFS dinner party vibes!

Tahnee recently attended Australia Fashion Week alongside co-star Janelle Han. The former brides were serving looks and Tahnee even let slip one clothing faux pas she made during the experiment. Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Tahnee said: “I wore a lot of sequins on the show and I probably wouldn’t normally wear that. But I was trying to go for MAFS dinner party vibes!

Tahnee has also gone back to her day job as a PR manager. Did someone say girlboss?


A lot of viewers had mixed opinions on Melinda throughout MAFS Australia but they soon united in their praise for the TV bride. Since the series, Melinda’s beauty salon has been going from strength to strength and is still in a relationship with Layton.

The couple have been living together since the experiment and Layton revealed he plans to relocate from Sydney to Brisbane to be with her.

“I love Brisbane. I think it’s awesome. We’ve just been waiting for the show to finish airing to sort out timings, and what that looks like,” Layton told Woman’s Day. Melinda added they plan on adopting a dog at some point. “I want an Italian greyhound. It’s just me as a dog,’ Melinda said.


Layton and Melinda have remained in a couple since the experiment and the former groom has gone back to work. Layton is the CEO of AusCann, an Australian-based pharmaceutical company.

When he’s not working Layton has been attending events and been on TV shows alongside Melinda. Layton recently attended Miranda Russell’s solo art show at the Studio Gallery group.


Evelyn left the experiment single after ending things with Rupert but is now in a brand new relationship. Back in May 2023, Evelyn confirmed she was in a relationship with Duncan after weeks of speculation. The pair have been attending events, podcasts and panels together ever since their hard launch.

Evelyn has gone back to being an influencer and it seems her work has been paying off as she’s since been tipped to star in Celebrity Apprentice.

A TV insider told Yahoo Channel Nine is “keen to keep Evelyn in the family and really champion her” moving forward. The source claimed: “She is popular, relatable and always has dreamed of working in TV, so now it’s just a matter of developing her skills and finding the right opportunities.

“This could be anything from hosting segments on Today Extra to landing her own digital series or even appearing on Celebrity Apprentice if they bring it back. There’s a lot of possibilities and it’s all very exciting for her.” A slay from her really.


Duncan has been living his best life with Evelyn since the show and shows no signs of slowing down. The former TV groom has been attending events alongside Evelyn as well as sailing on his yacht. Yep. His yacht. It seems Duncan is moving more towards an influencer life and with Evelyn by his side, it seems to be going well!


Once MAFS Australia 2023 finished airing in the UK, Alyssa jetted off to Hawaii with her two friends and has recently been in the US with her family. Alyssa has relaunched her cake business and started selling her own merchandise off the back of her iconic “I have a child” line.


Rupert has been spending time with his friends and family since his time on the experiment. He had a good friend in Ollie and he is even featuring on his first podcast episode. The 27-year-old was recently spotted on Hinge and good for him!

A user screenshot his dating app profile and one of his prompts read: ” The one thing I’d like to know about you is what is your favourite tree?”  He also posted a shirtless photo of himself. Where can I see this? Just asking for a friend x


Lyndall is now back looking for love after her relationship with Cameron ended on MAFS Australia. When asked by a fan if she had any romance going on in her life, she confirmed she was on dating apps but is still single.

Lyndall has also since come out as bisexual. She came out during pride month when asked by a follower what she was doing to celebrate. In response, she wrote: “As a raging bisexual myself, absolutely yes. This is me coming out by the way.”

The former TV bride shared a photo of herself with her pals outside rainbow balloons. “If the nose ring, roller hockey, overalls, footy, Miley Cyrus posters, gridiron, and lack of care for what men think of me wasn’t enough…I also used to have an undercut,” she continued.


Cameron has moved on since the show and is even planning on going travelling with his new girlfriend. After getting access to his Instagram account, Cameron hard launched his new girlfriend and they seem to be having a blast.

Talking about his new relationship, Cameron said he is “really happy”. “I’ve got something really good going on back in Darwin at the moment,” he explained.

Cameron revealed he met his new girlfriend at a party with some friends and they “hit it off” from there. He said: “We’re sitting happy. It’s someone I can be myself [around], I can be normal, I don’t have to be someone I’m not. I don’t have to talk about feelings every two seconds. It’s just good, it’s good to have someone who you enjoy being around with.”


Bronte was a bride on MAFS Australia 2023 that no one will be able to forget. Since the experiment, she has moved on with her life and has had a major hair transformation.

The former bride took some time off social media after the show as it took a toll on her mental health but she has since been spending time with her newfound bestie Lyndall. It was recently reported Bronte and Lyndall had signed up with the same management, suggesting they’ll be capitalising on their fame since the show.


It comes as no surprise that Harrison has launched a podcast off the back of his MAFS Australia fame. It is called The Harrison Boon podcast and former groom has said it’ll be coming soon.

Like some of his co-stars, Harrison has got into a new relationship and has even moved in with his new girlfriend, Gina. The former groom is also going head to head with season nine cast member Daniel Holmes in a boxing match.

Talking to Daily Mail Australia, Daniel said he was feeling “good” about the fight. “I’m feeling good. Feeling mean. It’s a bit more personal than my fight with Brent,” Daniel said.


Caitlin has ditched her blonde hair since the experiment and has taken a note from Bronte’s book. The makeup artist has opted for a jet black look and is now in a new relationship.

Caitlin has also got a new job and is working alongside her co-star Melinda. The former bride was facing financial difficulties after she appeared on the show and so Melinda offered her a job. “I was working a different job and I was saying how I needed another job, something I can enjoy a little bit more and something a bit more financially stable,” she said.


Shannon didn’t make the best impression on viewers and the experts during MAFS Australia, especially when he admitted he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend. Since the show, Shannon has gone to work as an Uber Eats and got back with his girlfriend, who is now expecting another child.

Shannon recently called out his co-star Janelle for a comment she made about him on a podcast. During the podcast, Janelle said she could “see the tan was not evenly on his face”. “I was just like, ‘Bro, stop,'” Janelle said. “The thing is, it’s even worse in person, like it was giving oompa loompa.”

Shannon addressed the comments and said Janelle was “really nice” to him during their time on MAFS Australia.

“And then I get that. Don’t apologise to people, just to insult them straight after,” he began. “And that’s a message to all your friends too. Because I guarantee you do the same thing to them. It’s like you’re smiling at them with your finger under the table. Fake as. Seriously.”


After Claire left the experiment she spent most her time with Sandy after the pair formed a close friendship on the show. From the looks of Claire’s Instagram, she has been travelling across Australia, eating good food and attending events non-stop. She was recently at the Grand Prix and attended a stunning dinner party with her friends.


After the experiment, Jesse went back home and he has been entertaining his followers on his Instagram page ever since. Like a lot of his co-stars, Jesse has been spending time with the other cast members and more closely with Janelle. The pair were spotted holding hands but now Janelle has moved to Sydney, nothing has come of it.

“Janelle and I were looking cosy because we are good mates,” he said before admitting they had discussed the possibility of a relationship. “Janelle just moved to Sydney, so even if we were going to walk down that path, we both said to each other that a long distance relationship is not something that is an option for us.”


Adam has been spending time with some of his MAFS Australia co-stars, including Tayla, Dan and Cameron. Odd mix but sure!


Janelle moved to Sydney after taking part in the MAFS Australia experiment. She has been spending a lot of time with Evelyn since the show and they have been attending events together and of course walking Evelyn’s gorgeous dogs.

Janelle recently announced she and Jesse shared a kiss after filming for the show ended but the pair decided not to pursue anything further. Speaking to Yahoo Australia, Janelle said: “So there are some articles of me and Jesse hanging out a lot in Perth. We did have a bit of a trauma bond and, he might hate me, but we have shared a peck. Just an innocent little peck that’s it.

“It might have been friendly, it might have been romantic, I’m not sure. But we have had the conversation that we weren’t going to pursue anything because I moved to Sydney. So at the moment, we’re just really good friends.”


After being part of the first couple to leave the experiment, Josh went home to his kids and has since gone back to his day job. In an exclusive interview with The Tab, Josh said his life hasn’t changed all that much since appearing on MAFS Australia.

“Life hasn’t changed much since the show finished,” Josh told The Tab from his home in Australia. “I went back to work and got on with life.” Despite being on one of the biggest TV shows in Australia, Josh said he doesn’t get recognised all that much. “I think because I wasn’t on the show for that long and I also changed how I looked to maintain privacy when with my children and distance myself from the events I went through.”


Melissa has been spending time with her MAFS co-stars since the experiment, including Tahnee, Layton, Hugo, Tahnee and Janelle. She also recently revealed she had been having a tough time with trolls since the experiment.

Melissa was criticised on social media while the series aired in both Australia and UK due to her want to be intimate with her TV husband Josh. Melissa has said that nothing could have done to prepare herself for the sheer amount of negative messages she received on social media.

Speaking with Yahoo, Melissa said: “What was most hurtful is like, I’m reading these messages about myself regarding a character I feel like I was playing with a script that I never read before, and these people are coming for me that has the face, has the body, has the voice of this person that I’m not,” she said.

“That was hard. For me personally, all that I saw was this character, this sexual person that was super hypersexual and I was with my match that was not, and it was just really, really enhanced.

“The things that I had said, the things that I had done, the things that they had asked me to say or repeat or do, it was shocking to me. So I can absolutely understand for a viewer that was watching my character on the TV, they can totally get this perception of this is the only thing that she’s all about.”


Tayla told The Tab she went back to work as a nurse after appearing on the show. She was recently spotted on a steamy date with her ex-boyfriend Daniel in Tasmania. “Tayla and Daniel were all over each other and shared a steamy kiss,” a source told Daily Mail Australia.


Hugo has stayed out of the limelight since MAFS Australia and so it isn’t clear what he’s been up to since the experiment. He did however spark relationship rumours with fitness influencer, Carla Chatkiewicz. He was pictured looking cosy next to Carla and they were spotted on a number of dates together.

A source told Daily Mail Australia that Carla and Hugo “really hit it off”, adding: “They have so much in common and their chemistry is undeniable. It’s like night and day compared to his relationship with Tayla.”


Dan has since launched his own tequila bar and Mexican cantina called Nacho Baby in Australia. Kind of iconic from him to be honest. So when can I come?


Sandy has been living her best life since leaving the experiment. She has grown close to Claire, who was also on the show, and they have been attending events and partying together. It was recently reported she had signed to the same talent agency as Lyndall and Bronte so we can expect some big things from her soon!

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