Here’s what Love Island’s Danny Williams has been up to since retiring from Destiny’s Chaldish

Love Island 2023’s Leah Taylor is his ex!

Danny Williams left a mark on Love Island that no viewer will be able to forget. When he left Yewande for Arabella, he officially joined Destiny’s Chadlish and went down in history as a Love Island villain.

Despite leaving the villa with Arabella, their relationship didn’t last very long and he went on to date Love Island 2023 contestant Leah Taylor. With her now ruffling feathers in the villa like her ex-boyfriend once did, here’s everything Danny has been up to since Love Island 2019.

He is now an online coach and has his own app

Like a lot of Love Islanders, Danny turned to the world of online fitness and became an exercise coach. Danny was already into his fitness when he entered villa and he has since founded his own app.

Coaching by DW is a “holistic health coaching app” and helps people in more ways than just a body transformation. His app focuses on “mindset, fitness, health and happiness.”

Danny used to date Leah Taylor back in 2020

It has been reported that Danny and Leah began dating back in November 2020 and went on holiday to Iceland last year. However, they have since broken up and unfollowed each other on Instagram. Awks x

After Love Island, Danny went on to become a mental health coach

Danny has spoken publicly about his emotional wellbeing following Love Island and is also a mental health coach. Ahead of the winter season earlier this year, Danny urged viewers to be kinder to those in the villa, saying the show should not be taken “at face value”.

The 25-year-old told the BBC: “As someone who’s gone through that experience… I think it’s important the viewers are aware of that so when they watch the show they are not thinking that’s exactly how it looks at face value.”

He explained that his experience on the show has made him more aware of people’s mental health struggled.

“Mental health wasn’t really something I thought about before my experience of Love Island,” he said.

“And then, having seen the highs and lows of it, it was kind of brought to the forefront of my attention and I had to address it. I guess going through that process I’ve now got to a point where it’s something I am really passionate about.”

He continued to say: “Ask yourself if that was your sibling would you let them off the hook a little bit? Would you say, ‘Look, they’re just a young person trying to figure things out and everybody makes mistakes’.

“I would implore people to have a little bit of empathy and just remind themselves that it’s a manipulated television programme designed to entertain you.”

He is now in a new relationship!

Danny has left his relationship with Leah in the past and is now dating entrepreneur, Beckie Hughes. Beckie is the CEO of The Army Dance Company, Project Herd and Drip Cartel.

Beckie currently has 14,300 followers on Instagram and uses her platform to help people “take control” of their happiness and “skyrocket” their confidence.

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