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Love Island’s Olivia claims Jess is ‘jealous’ of Molly because of the male attention she gets

‘I think Molly is just being genuine and trying to get to know people’

Winter Love Island’s Olivia Hawkins has suggested this year’s Islanders Molly and Jess will “clash” a result of Jess’s jealousy towards the musical theatre performer.

In Olivia’s latest column for OK!, she claimed Jess might be jealous of all the male attention Molly has been getting on Love Island, given that she hasn’t formed a strong connection in the villa.

“I think Molly and Jess will clash – probably more than once throughout their time in the villa,” she wrote.

“It could maybe be a jealousy thing from Jess’ point of view, as Molly is getting a lot of male attention, whereas Jess hasn’t really clicked with anyone.”

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Molly has been at the centre of drama in the last couple of days after Zachariah kissed her in a challenge. Certain Islanders, including Jess, have turned on her for not talking to Catherine or Mitchel about her intentions.

During the fallout, Jess claimed that Molly was taking Mitchel for a mug by not being upfront with him about her intentions with Zachariah on Love Island.

“At first I thought what she said about Molly being an actress and in theatre, I thought it was funny,” Olivia continued. “But then I think Molly is just being genuine and trying to get to know people – which is what you’re in there to do.”

Olivia has made it clear she is firmly on Molly’s side, saying the Islander hasn’t done anything wrong. “I think Molly is getting a lot of stick on Love Island at the moment, and I don’t think it’s fair,” she said.

“She’s doing the process – how it should be done – and she’s getting to know multiple people. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s only day six. She felt that pressure from Mitchel – that conversation was so intense. Maybe she didn’t go about the Zachariah thing the right way, but I don’t think what Jess said about her being an actress and ‘loving the attention’ was very fair.”

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