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Danica says the way Luca treated her on Love Island was ‘disgusting’

‘If I could turn back time, I absolutely wouldn’t have chosen Luca’

Danica has said the way she was treated by Luca on Love Island 2022 was “disgusting”, during her appearance on Toby Aromolaran’s podcast Fancy a Chat.

Danica entered the villa as a bombshell during last year’s season and chose to couple up with Luca. Viewers saw Luca dismiss the idea of a romance between the two and would often not speak to Danica.

A year later, Danica has said if she could turn back time she would never picked Luca. “It’s been a year now and it’s really hard because I really like Luca’s sister but Luca treated me like an absolute c***,” she began.

“I don’t really have anything too nice to say about the situation. I don’t think he’s a bad person but I think the way he treated me was actually disgusting. What’s upsetting is I can’t believe nobody told him how bad it was. Why would he let me sleep in a bed on my own? I was a new bombshell and that man wouldn’t even be close to me and turn his back.”

Luca was coupled up with Gemma for majority of their time on Love Island and they came in second place. The pair eventually got into a relationship on the outside, but broke up three months later.

Danica continued to say she felt that because Luca had shown his disinterest in her, a lot of the other guys were also not interested in getting to know her.

“Because of the way he treated me it like counteracted for everyone else. Once you choose a guy, everyone after is kind of like second choice [and] nobody wants to be second choice,” she explained.

“Luca was one of the main boys in there and I do think if the main cool guy doesn’t think somebody is worth it, some of these other guys would be like, ‘Oh well maybe she isn’t.’ Not everybody, some guys did have their own mind.

“Once somebody gave me that cold shoulder it kind of gave people the ick about me because it’s like, ‘If he doesn’t want her then I don’t want her.’ It was never going to be a happy ever after. None of those boys were for me. If they were then I would be with them. None of them were meant for me but I definitely could’ve had a summer romance for sure if I hadn’t chosen Luca.”

Danica insisted that she didn’t think Luca was a bad person, but admitting the situation could have been handled better.

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